ISPI is pleased to announce the winning chapters of this year’s ISPI Award of Excellence. We are proud to announce that seven chapters–Armed Forces Chapter, Capella University Virtual Chapter, Central Florida Chapter, Charlotte Chapter, Michigan Chapter, Potomac Chapter, and South Florida Chapter–have earned the distinction as Chapters of Excellence this year. The Charlotte Chapter will also receive an Award of Excellence for Communication Product for their newsletter Performance Improvement in Piedmont. These awards will be bestowed at THE Performance Improvement Conference, Monday, April 15, 2013.


 Armed Forces Chapter
The Armed Forces ISPI Chapter (AFC-ISPI) is a virtual chapter with more than 125 military, consultant, emergency service, and contractor members hailing from Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. This past year, the chapter provided several webinars focusing on one or more of the 10 Performance Improvement Standards. These webinars give members the opportunity to hear from human performance technology (HPT) thought leaders on current application of their crafts. More than 30 percent of AFC-ISPI members hold the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation, 21 members served as volunteers on ISPI committees, and more than 15 members were published in the ISPI media. This is the fourth year in a row ISPI has recognized AFC-ISPI for Chapter Excellence.

Capella University Virtual Chapter
The ISPI-Capella University Virtual Chapter is made up of 300 Capella learners, alumni, and faculty who are not only geographically diverse, but represent a wide range of organizational cultures, roles, experiences, and industries. The mission of ISPI-Capella is to further the advancement and application of knowledge and skills through the collection, development, and dissemination of information about instructional technology and performance technology. ISPI-Capella provides value-added services that benefit the members, faculty, ISPI, and alumni of Capella and serves as a role model to other ISPI chapters sharing best practices and advising other chapters when requested. This year is the second consecutive year ISPI-Capella has won a Chapter Award of Excellence.

Central Florida Chapter
The mission of the ISPI Central Florida Chapter is to provide affordable professional development in the HPT standards that is nationally recognized thought leaders and practitioners. In 2012, ISPI-Central Florida achieved this by hosting bimonthly evening programs at the chapter’s partner facility, JetBlue University. Evening programs provide excellent forums for current and emerging professionals to learn about HPT and to share their experiences applying what they have learned. The chapter also provides a professional development gateway through volunteer opportunities as committee members and leaders to further enhance professional growth and networking experience. Congratulations to ISPI Central Florida Chapter on their Chapter Award of Excellence.

Charlotte Chapter
The focus of the ISPI Charlotte Chapter is to provide affordable, professional development with the top names in HPT. To achieve this, ISPI-Charlotte offers bimonthly evening programs each year at the chapter’s partner facility, UNC Charlotte’s College of Education. Chapters provide excellent forums for current and emerging professionals to learn about HPT and to share their experiences applying what they have learned. The chapter also provides a professional development gateway through volunteer opportunities as committee members and leaders to further enhance professional growth and networking experience. Congratulations, ISPI-Charlotte, on winning a Chapter of Excellence Award.

The ISPI Michigan Chapter has a history of excellence due to a steady stream of engaged professionals who make it a priority to contribute time and talent for a few years (or more!). This year, both membership and attendance at chapter monthly dinner programs and workshops grew. The chapter offers programs around a “competency” model, with topics spanning analysis, intervention, measure and evaluation, or share and practice skills. This year, the chapter focused on outreach to the student community by offering attractive membership rates, program rates, and career-focused panel discussions. Also, this year the chapter added associate board positions allowing interested members to join the board meetings in an observation or learning mode for a year before taking on the position. It has proven to be a low-risk, low-stress way for people to explore the role before taking it on. Congratulations, Michigan Chapter, for excelling this year as a Chapter of Excellence.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the ISPI Potomac Chapter’s mission is to advance systematic technologies to improve human performance. ISPI Potomac accomplishes its mission with monthly programs covering HPT topics and through promoting the CPT, offering programming and support to help members accomplish the credential. The chapter recruits members from educational institutions and promotes chapter programs to 14 area institutions. In addition, every two years ISPI Potomac conducts at least two programs every year with other professional societies. ISPI Potomac also offers videotapes and handouts of its webinars and in-person presentations on our website free to all active members. This is the sixth year the Potomac Chapter has received a Chapter of Excellence award.

South Florida
The ISPI South Florida Chapter board of directors became highly engaged in 2012, building a sales and marketing strategy to increase membership and sponsorship, and secure world-class presenters; promoting chapter programs to more than 1,000 companies though email marketing and public relations campaigns; and personally calling workplace learning professionals to invite them to attend meetings. In addition, the board designed the chapter’s website to read like an upbeat news magazine with enjoyable, interactive content and tracked board activities using a spreadsheet to evaluate progress. As a result of these efforts, ISPI South Florida is growing, with more than 60 members in the chapter’s LinkedIn group. The chapter hosts nationally recognized performance improvement experts, authors, and Fortune 500 executives to present vocational skills based on the HPT model, with programs taking place at a prominent university. The chapter is also working with performance improvement training companies to produce webinars; setting appointments with other local universities and inviting graduate students to become ISPI student leaders; and working with university career centers to build relationships with their business partners to drive community relations. Congratulations, ISPI South Florida, on winning a Chapter of Excellence Award.

The Charlotte Chapter was selected as an honoree of the ISPI Award of Excellence for Chapter Communication Product for their bimonthly chapter newsletter, Performance Improvement in the Piedmont. Performance Improvement in the Piedmont is published on alternating months and includes up to two articles from each of the upcoming speakers who are interviewed in advance of the evening program. This tactic enables the chapter to accomplish program marketing, and meet communications and educational goals. Each newsletter also provides profiles of several chapter members to facilitate networking beyond attendance at the evening programs and day-long workshops. Congratulations, ISPI-Charlotte, on winning the Award of Excellence for Chapter Communication.

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