Join us at THE Performance Improvement Conference’s Masters Presentations on Monday, April 15, from 4:30-5:45 p.m. This year’s Masters Presentations feature experts from across learning, research, and business. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights into management’s views on performance improvement, research-based learning measurement, or learning design. Conference attendees will be able to attend one presentation. Masters presenters include Ruth A. Clark, Will Thalheimer, and six executive panelists from a spectrum of government agencies and corporations.

ClarkRScenario-based e-Learning: What, When, and Why
Ruth A. Clark, EdD

What is scenario-based e-learning? When should you consider using it? What evidence do we have about its benefits and design? Join Dr. Clark for an interactive session based on her new book, Scenario-based e-Learning. This session will examine examples of scenario-based e-learning and the core features of lesson design. She will review evidence on benefits and design, and attendees will learn from both Dr. Clark and their colleagues about when and why to apply scenario-based learning.

ThalheimerWWild and Wondrous (and Sometimes Research-Based) Ideas for Improving Learning Measurement
Will Thalheimer, PhD

Have you ever continued to use a training or learning-measurement method despite inadequate or counterproductive feedback? In this session, Dr. Thalheimer will share insights into using research-based knowledge to spur more effective learning-and-performance interventions. He will also examine the state of the industry, common practices, common models, and explore how bias leaks into our current practices. Plus he will share some wild ideas and approaches he has developed to help his clients do better learning measurement.

Executive Roundtable
Executive Panelists:

  • Dr. Gladys Brignoni, U.S. Coast Guard, Deputy, Force Readiness Command 
  • Jae Lee, Executive Vice President, GS Caltex (Korea) 
  • Jon Katov, CEO, The Open Table 
  • Greg Lozinak, EVP and COO, Waterton Residential 
  • Dennis Murphy, VP Operations Performance Excellence, Amgen 
  • Jim Van Patten, Senior Director, World Wide Quality, OCZ Technology

Have your questions answered directly from the executives who believe in and use human performance technology (HPT). The panel will share experiences and perspectives on how they are leading performance excellence in a holistic, systematic manner. Panelists are executives who understand that employees are the source of both organizational results and vision. The emphasis will be on what, from the C-level perspective, internal and external practitioners of HPT must accomplish to add maximum value.