By Brian Gresham

Performance Improvement Quarterly is part of every ISPI member’s benefits package. This informative publication has unlimited availability to members. It is available in digital format and accessible from any web capable device. On your laptop, smart phone, or tablet–take it with you and catch up on some reading no matter where you are.

The quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal created to stimulate professional discussion in the field and to advance the discipline of human performance technology (HPT) through publishing scholarly works. Its emphasis is on human performance technologies such as front-end analysis or evaluation. It also offers literature reviews and experimental studies with a scholarly base, and some case studies.

The current issue of PIQ was edited by Richard B. Pearlstein, welcoming readers into a Kaleidoscope of Knowledge that is filled with solid research and data that are essential for every performance improvement professional. The current 131-page issue features:

The Role of Demographics as Predictors of Successful Performance of Sales Professionals in Business-to-Business Sales Organizations
By Michael G. Frino and Katie P. Desiderio

How the Organizational Learning Process Mediates the Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices on Performance in Korean Organizations
By Sei Hyoung Cho, Ji Hoon Song, Suk Chun Yun, and Cheol Ki Lee

Transfer Over Time: Stories About Transfer Years After Training
By Stephen L. Yelon, J. Kevin Ford, and Simon Golden

The Instructional Effects of Knowledge-Based Community of Practice Learning Environment on Student Achievement and Knowledge Convergence
By Darryl C. Draper

How Instructional Designers Solve Workplace Problems
By Kathleen S. Fortney and Lisa C. Yamagata-Lynch

A Case Study of ROI in Organizational Performance of Working at Home
By Jack Phillips, Patti Phillips, and Rachel Robinson

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The header “The Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ) Online” should be at the very top of the page (without scrolling); the link to the quarterly database is accessible under the link “Click here to access PIQ online.”

After you click on this link, your browser will take you to the Wiley Online Library for the Performance Improvement Quarterly. There you can browse through the current issues as well as the past issues and download PDFs of each article to save or print.

PIQ readers agree the publication is a valuable resource. We are always looking for contributors who want to share their knowledge and leave a footprint in the performance improvement industry. If you or anyone you know is interested in publishing in this prestigious publication, please visit or click here ( for a copy of the author guidelines.

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