By Brian Gresham

With the dawn of the new year and the many exciting adventures and opportunities in full bloom, we all need a way to shorten research and work time and to come up with solutions faster and more efficiently. With more travel and less desk time, there is a demand for the worker on the go. Working on the go was considered as a professional carrying around a laptop, but let’s face it, even laptops are a bit bulky and cumbersome to carry around everywhere. The new answer is the smart phone or smart pad or tablet. It is easy to carry and use, and is not as difficult to pull out and open up as a laptop is.

To make the new year a bit easier, I have found a few applications that will make the professional on the go work more efficiently, smarter, and not harder.

  1. Memonic: Organize your thoughts and clippings with Memonic. Memonic is a nifty application that allows you to clip different images and content from web pages, Word documents, and PDF files into one related location that makes organizing research data a bit easier. There is a lot more to this awesome application that keeps research and notes organized. It is definitely worth checking into for your home computer or smart device.
  2. Google Apps for Small Business: An application suite that is ideal for any company, large or small. An email application that keeps users, inside and outside of the organization, connected by a shared calendar that keeps everyone’s schedule, and Google Docs that keeps files in sync and up to date. This application suite is not one to pass up.  GoogleDocs
  3. Cake HR: Consider the time and effort of the paper request, Excel spreadsheet, and keeping track of everyone on your plate. It is time for a new human resources software that allows employees to efficiently manage their own time off. The employee sends an email and the request is either approved and put on the company calendar, or denied. It is as simple as a piece of cake–Cake HR. Check out this time management application and put some time back in your busy HR schedule.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Electronic signatures have never been easier. Sign a document in seconds with an electronic signature that is simple and easy. This takes the printer scanner and fax out of the equation.  Insert your signature with an image, type, or draw on the dotted line and email the document back to the sender Simple and easy. ESigs

“Keep it simple” and now you can, there is an app for that. Save time, energy, effort, and money with these simple applications that will cut out steps at work and in your personal life.

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