By Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD

For this issue, I asked the 2012 chapter presidents to write about what they look forward to in 2013. As you can tell from the messages below, there are several exciting activities and enhancements planned for their chapters. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Ann Battenfield, Chicago Chapter
For the first time in years, our membership is trending upward with a 100% increase in the past year. We have filled all but one board position for the upcoming year, and our membership just approved the new bylaws. Chicago ISPI is a great place to be!

Paul Agnew, Massachusetts Chapter
Massachusetts ISPI is looking forward with excitement to our annual Outstanding Contributor Webinar on January 15, this year featuring M. David Merrill, professor emeritus, Utah State University, and pioneer in the theory and practice of instructional design. Details are on our website at

Dave Padley, Armed Forces Chapter
In 2013, we are very excited to continue to offer our members multiple newsletters and around a dozen webinars for only $12 (USD) a year. Please find us on the web, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are all looking forward to seeing many of you at The Performance Improvement Conference in April.

Sue Czeropski, CPT, PhD, Capella Chapter
With our succession plan in place, we are transitioning to a new leadership team in January that will be lead by Debbie Colbert, our new president. I’m thrilled to have the new team in place. With the new team comes new ideas and it will really help us to take our chapter to a different level. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year!

Paul Flynn with Jennifer Eichenberg, Michigan Chapter
The ISPI Michigan Chapter is looking forward to 2013 being the year of continued success and growth. In addition to the great programs we already have scheduled for 2013, we are looking toward implementing a corporate membership structure and a joint-venture with the local ASTD chapter. Our eye is set on reaching our membership goal of 150 members in 2013.

Christine O’Connell, Orange County Chapter
At the Orange County Chapter of ISPI, we are excited to move into 2013 with TK Herrin as our new president. This year we will focus on marketing and communications specific to the benefits of being a member; recently we have updated our website to reflect those changes. We want to move our chapter communications forward, leveraging social media platforms and robust engaging communications. In addition, we will look to change up our events based on our survey feedback and mix it up a bit.

James R. Brown, CPT, Arizona Chapter
Paul Angileri is taking over as president of the Arizona Chapter in January. Attendance has been higher at the last few meetings, which bodes well for the future. We will be rounding up new members in February and March. We just updated our website to a blog-based site and have created a presence on LinkedIn. We are looking forward to getting more people on the board. We have enough speakers to cover the next six monthly meetings. We’re just deciding who is speaking which month.

Dr. Tim Brock, CPT, Central Florida Chapter
The Central Florida Chapter was excited to celebrate its first anniversary on November 15 with 85 people attending. The chapter also made a $500 donation to JetBlue’s Crewmember Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy victims that was accepted by JetBlue University’s vice president at this event. Our 2013 growth projections look bright with new leaders stepping up, great speakers scheduled, and three chapter members selected to present at THE Performance Improvement Conference at Reno.

Marc Donelson, Charlotte Chapter
ISPI Charlotte is excited about the large numbers of volunteers that have stepped forward to serve on our board for 2013. We are also excited about our speaker lineup (including Jane Bozarth, Jack Phillips, and Roger Addison) and our plans to expand our chapter into the Charlotte community with outreach events and projects.

George Koehn, South Florida Chapter
The South Florida Chapter rebranded our website to reflect a more stylish magazine format using advanced Adobe digital media tools. We launched a Performance Improvement Award Program with a focus on showcasing how individual employees have learned to empower themselves on the job using the HPT model. Another objective for 2013 is to bring more Fortune 500 senior leaders to give presentations to our chapter members. Our January 2013 speaker is Annette Brackin, leadership development designer of Boeing. She will present Boeing’s “Leaders Teaching Leaders” program. To further the succession plan for our board of directors, we developed a “Student Director of University Relations” presentation to recruit young professionals. We are sending this program to all colleges. Florida International University and Nova SouthEastern University are now referring new student members.

Frank Q. Fu, PhD, China Chapter
The ISPI China Chapter was born less than three months ago, but we grow fast. As the first and only ISPI chapter in China, we have members all over the nation. We have been promoting ISPI and HPT in the market and are determined to become one of the best chapters of ISPI within three years! We are eagerly seeking international partners that we can work with to transform the Chinese market. If you have interests in developing business in China, or want to know more about the Chinese market, feel free to contact us.

Tony Moore, Northeast Ohio Chapter
NEO ISPI is looking forward to continuing our study of Turning Research Into Results: A Guide to Selecting the Right Performance Solutions by Richard Clark and Fred Estes. We plan to follow that with a study of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense: Profiting from Evidence-Based Management by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton.

Bill Stetar, CPT, Tennessee Chapter
For 2013, the newly formed ISPI Tennessee Chapter ( will focus on becoming a 501(c)(6) business, growing its membership, offering high-quality online programs, and working on developing a sustainable leadership model and succession plan. We are primarily a virtual chapter, open to anyone who is interested, but our goals are to: (1) promote awareness of human performance technology (HPT) within Tennessee, and (2) provide a network for Tennessee performance improvement professionals to learn and share with each other.

Martin E. Zink, CPT, SPHR, Boeing Company Virtual Chapter
The Boeing Company Virtual Chapter was formed in October 2012. The virtual chapter evolved from an existing Performance Consulting Community of Practice (CoP) that has existed within Boeing for over six years. The chapter serves all employees with an interest in performance improvement; this has far-reaching implications as Boeing employs more than 170,000 people across the United States and in 70 countries.

John Gibbs, Atlanta Chapter
The Atlanta Chapter has discovered an advantage of moving our website to Wild Apricot–members joining online after discovering our website. We’re developing three elements of our programs in tandem–speakers, venues, and contacts. As we seek more well-known speakers, we need bigger space but also to grow the mailing list to help fill the space.