After the great success of IFTDO Global HRD Awards over the past four years, IFTDO announces the IFTDO Global HRD Awards 2013. Each year, the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO) recognizes the projects and research that have made a real difference, as well as the effort and application of the people who have made them possible. The awards have been donated by the Dubai Police Academy and Court of the Prime Minister of Bahrain.

We are also very pleased to announce that we have added a third category of an academic award to cover research excellence in human resources development (HRD). This award will be judged by a specialist international panel of academic judges.

The winners of the IFTDO Global HRD 2013 Award will be announced at the 42nd IFTDO World Conference to be held at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, India, April 23-26, 2013.

IFTDO Award Categories
There will be three categories where submissions can be made. These are:

  1. Best HRD Practice: A submission showing best practice in the areas of human resource development or organization development. The submission should be able to demonstrate how the initiative contributed to business growth through the use of HRD systems and strategies.
  2. Improved Quality of Working Life: A submission with a societal level focus that describes an initiative that has improved the quality of working life for any group using training or development as a primary tool for successful implementation. We will be particularly pleased to welcome entries that focus on developing countries.
  3. Research Excellence Award: This award is given to the author(s) of the outstanding HRD paper that has been published or presented at a conference in the previous year that contributes new knowledge and practice to the HRD profession. The paper must demonstrate the following key elements:
    • the theoretical or practical importance of the problem
    • the appropriateness of approach or methods used
    • the extent to which the results justify the conclusions
    • the impact upon the HRD community

The IFTDO Awards
There will be three awards: (1) An overall winner who will receive a prize of $5,000 and a memento to note his or her achievement, and (2) two runners-up who will each receive a prize of $2,000 and a memento to note their achievements. The winner and runners-up will not be from same category. Certificates of Merit may also be awarded to organizations with notable achievements.

In addition, the cost of the cheapest economy airfare plus two-nights’ hotel accommodation for one representative each of the winner and the runners-up for attending the award ceremony will be met by IFTDO. Certificates of Merit awardees, if any, will have to attend the award ceremony at their own cost.

The Benefits
There is no better way of achieving immediate recognition among the global HRD community and with your colleagues and peers than by winning the IFTDO Award. It is also an accolade that reflects on your organization, helping to raise its profile with stakeholders including customers, partners, suppliers, students, and future employees.

The awardees will be highlighted in the IFTDO newsletter and website and may also be publicized in our member organization publications such as ISPI’s PerformanceXpress, HRD Ireland, CSTD and BSTD Newsletters, People Management in the United Kingdom, and many others that are regularly read among your professional peers. Research awards may also be published in academic journals.

Entry Criteria
Entries come from a wide range of sources–from individuals, small family-run businesses to large corporations, government departments, and NGOs. Anyone with a detailed understanding of a people project can submit an entry.

Successful entries will demonstrate how a particular business or organizational performance issue or opportunity was tackled through an HRD initiative. They will also show how business or organizational performance was enhanced as a result. This might be through increased growth and profitability, but can also be related to more specific objectives in NGOs and not-for-profit organizations. At all times, the judges will be looking for evidence of innovation and creativity that sets new standards in best practice.

Additional Entry Criteria for the Research Excellence Award
All of the criteria detailed below are of equal value and they are not weighted. Members of the academic judging panel will take the criteria in the round in ranking the nominated papers. This means that it is possible that a paper with the highest ranking may not fully meet every individual criteria but it does nevertheless meet most of the criteria better than any other paper in the opinion of the judges.

  1. The paper is drawn from and has a focus on professional HRD practice.
  2. The paper has a direct and overt content detailing reflection and its outcomes.
  3. The findings and conclusions of the paper have potential value and application in professional HRD practice.
  4. The research design and procedures reflect a partnership approach between academics and professional HRD practitioners.
  5. The writing is such that the paper will appeal to both academic and practitioner journals and readers and is of high quality.

Guidance Notes
The IFTDO award judges will be looking for three key attributes:

  • First, how the HRD initiative overcame a particular business issue, opportunity, or organizational problem.
  • Second, the direct impact this had on the overall business or organizational performance, whether in terms of growth, profitability, or meeting specific objectives. For the second award category, focus will be placed on improvement of the quality of working life and societal benefits.
  • Third, good structure and presentation of the submission.

Particular attention will be paid to innovative and creative solutions that set new standards of best practice in the HRD aspects of people management.

How to Enter|
Rules of entry and entry forms are available via the IFTDO website at Entries may be submitted by IFTDO member organizations and by other organizations who are presently not members of IFTDO. The entries include a brief overview of the project being submitted for consideration. This should be no more than 1,000 words. Entries can be submitted by organizations as well as individuals. Please note there is a separate entry form for the Research Excellence Award.

The Judging Process
There is an international panel of judges consisting of eminent persons in the HR and academic field. There is also a specialist international academic panel who will judge the research award category. The judging process for the IFTDO award falls into two main stages:

Stage One
Stage one is the key assessment process to determine which entries will proceed to the judging day. This is based on the review of the information submitted with the entries.

Stage Two
A short list of finalists will be selected from stage one. If considered necessary, representatives from concerned organizations may be invited to a judging teleconference or meeting or further submission.

The awards will be decided and the awardees will be informed within 2 months of the closing date of the awards.

Presentations of Awards
Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony, to be held during the 42nd IFTDO World Conference in the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, India, April, 23-26, 2013, where the winner, runners-up, and Certificate of Merit awardees of the IFTDO Global HRD Award will receive their awards and acknowledgments at an international reception.

Please send entries by email to:
Dr. Uddesh Kohli, Secretary General, IFTDO, at <a href=””></a>or<a href=””></a>

Entries must be received before 5 p.m. (GMT) on January 31, 2013.