You know THE Performance Improvement Conference is the must-attend event of the year for performance improvement professionals. It is the only conference that provides outstanding presentations and educational opportunities focusing on creating real change and measurable results in the workplace.

But it is not always that simple. Sometimes your boss may need a little convincing to allow– and fund–your trip to this year’s conference. So here are our top five tips for showing your boss the value that your attendance at THE Performance Improvement Conference will have for your organization.

1. Make choices about what sessions will be most helpful
Review conference sessions and presentations and highlight specific sessions and speakers that focus on topics relevant to your work. Are there sessions on a subject matter that your organization would find particularly useful? As you type up a one-page proposal or conference plan, include those specific sessions; call out specific, relevant takeaways, skills, and knowledge you hope to gain; and target specific experts you want to connect with while you are there. Being proactive will not only help you be more effective at the conference but also show your boss that you are committed to getting everything you can from the education that is offered.

2. Offer to share what you learn
You are not the only one who will take away actionable performance improvement insights, techniques, and interventions from THE Performance Improvement Conference. Seal the deal by offering to share some of what you learn at the conference with your boss and coworkers. This could be as simple as hosting a brown bag over the lunch hour, sharing notes or handouts with your colleagues, or contributing a blog post of what you learn on the company blog.

3. Load up on professional development
THE Conference packs more than 100+ hours of professional education in a few short days, which means you could receive a year’s worth of professional development at the conference. It would be far more costly and disruptive to your schedule to get the same number of hours by signing up for individual workshops throughout the year. If you have a busy schedule of traveling, concentrating your professional development can be a smart and economical solution.

4. Show your company the financial benefits
Stress how going to the conference will save the company money in the future. It is more cost effective to invest in improving the skills of current employees than to spend money recruiting new talent who have the valuable skill sets and knowledge attendees can gain from attending THE Performance Improvement Conference. It pays to keep employees happy and growing professionally.

5. Focus on results
Conference attendees leave the conference inspired, motivated, and eager to put their new knowledge and conference takeaways into action on behalf of their organizations or clients. Stress how the conference will provide information on processes, tools, and interventions that can be implemented in the workplace the next day. If you can give your boss specific examples when you return, it is likely he or she will consider sending you the following year, too!

THE Performance Improvement Conference is taking place at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada, from April 14-17, 2013. Pre-conference workshops begin April 12-14. Register by February 22 to save on your conference registration.

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