By Brian Gresham

Performance Improvement Quarterly is now part of the ISPI benefits package. It is such an informative publication that we had to make it accessible to all members. It is available in digital format and accessible from any web capable device. On your laptop, smart phone, or tablet–take it with you and catch up on some reading no matter where you are.

The quarterly, edited by Richard Pearlstein, PhD, is a peer-reviewed journal created to stimulate professional discussion in the field and to advance the discipline of human performance technology (HPT) through publishing scholarly works. Its emphasis is on human performance technologies such as front-end analysis or evaluation. It also offers literature reviews and experimental studies with a scholarly base, and some case studies.
The 50th anniversary issue edited by Roger Kaufman and Mariano L. Bernardez is an one example of a the amazing publication loaded with authors such as Roger Kaufman, Mariano L. Bernardez, Carol M. Panza, Roger Addison, Jeanne Farrington, Ingrid Guerra-Lopez, Dale M. Brethower, Danny G. Langdon, Klaus Wittkuhn, Richard Pearlstein, Steven J. Kelly, Patrick C. Coughlin, M. Mari Novak, and Tony Bingham. These exceptional articles examine the importance and address the future of HPT and will give ever reader a stronger hold on the industry. Richard Pearlstein says it best:

“Roger and Mariano did an outstanding job in addressing the future of human performance technology (HPT). h is special issue provides a wide variety of viewpoints. It draws from the history of behavioral and organizational sciences, builds on concepts underlying HPT, and points to the challenges and pitfalls confronting researchers and practitioners in the field. It clarifies theory and suggests ways of building on past successes and avoiding future missteps. This is an interesting and provocative introduction to ISPI’s next 50 years. All credit for it goes to Roger, Mariano, and their contributing authors.”

It is simple and easy to get access to the quarterly:

  • Navigate to Member Only Resource Page and log in to your ISPI Member Account.
  • After you hit enter, you will be whisked away to the Members Only Resource page.
  • The header The Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ) Online should be at the very top of the page (without scrolling); the link to the quarterly database is accessible under the link “Click here to access PIQ online.”

After you click on this link, your browser will take you to the Wiley Online Library for the Performance Improvement Quarterly. There you can browse through the current issues as well as the past issues and download PDFs of each article to save or print.

If you have any issues accessing your account or the quarterly, any of the helpful ISPI staff  is more than willing to help you in any way possible.