By: Robin Stimson

The Boeing Company Virtual Chapter was formed in October 2012 with support from Norma Clayton, vice president of Learning, Training, and Development (LTD), and Diane Knight, director, LTD, Business Center.

The Virtual Chapter evolved from an existing Performance Consulting Community of Practice (CoP) that has existed within Boeing for over six years. A discussion within a CoP operating meeting resulted in a vision to link the existing CoP to ISPI by means of a virtual chapter.

The Boeing Chapter will continue to serve all employees with an interest in performance improvement; this has far-reaching implications as Boeing employs more than 170,000 people across the United States and in 70 countries.

CoP meetings are currently held on a monthly basis with an average of over 50 attendees (and growing). The first Boeing–ISPI Chapter monthly meeting will occur in November along with a concerted ISPI membership drive.

Martin E. Zink, SPHR, CPT, is serving as the chapter president