By Brian Gresham

When you leave the house for the day, there are three main things you always make sure you have: wallet (or purse), keys, and, the most important, your telephone. Most of the world’s population has a cellular device of some sort that is communication enabled–from simple talk devices, text, Internet, video conference, app-enabled smart phones, and so on. So does most of the professional population–you always need to stay in touch with your team, employees, or boss. If you work from home, are out of the office, or even when you are on vacation, connection never stops; it is just part of the world as we know it today. It is an industry that has come very far, very fast. However there is one place that mobile devices are not welcome–in the class room. They tend to be looked at as a distraction. This is slowly changing, and a company that is putting this technology in the front of the learning industry is GoKnow.

GoKnow describes itself as the future of learning, an in-class with an extended e-learning environment that is convenient to learn anywhere and any time. Teachers and instructors can keep up with notes, assignments, and students and check on assignments that are due. Learning for students can be more engaging in an in-class and virtual e-learning environment, giving students more access to different forms of information. A simple handheld device can be carried that allows students to keep up with work.

Students can learn any time that is convenient from a mobile device. This is the next level in online courses. Virtual learning that does not need a home computer station; if the classroom or learning institute has this technology, learning becomes all the more convenient for students and teachers alike.

GoKnow has provided teachers and learners with a learning and observation platform that improves learning and performance using mobile devices. With GoKnow’s platform, your school can enhance learning and performance and easily conduct teacher observations (GoKnow, 2012).

GoKnow’s Observation Software
GoObserve™ is currently used by principals and administrators to perform the compulsory observations and walkthroughs required by state and federal guidelines. GoObserve™ has been cited as the preferred software in its category by leading educational purchasing groups and state agencies (GoKnow, 2012).

Let your students learn 24/7 from their mobile device. Provide them with the applications they need to learn, synchronize mobile devices, and manage the whole classroom even when you are not in school.

GoKnow’s award-winning mobile learning system–Mobile Learning Environment (MLE)–makes the digital training facility a reality. GoKnow’s MLE system is currently producing 30% improvement in standardized test scores in classrooms (GoKnow, 2012).

Bring the learning facility to your students with GoKnow’s AniModeler, a virtual laboratory environment for your students’ required learning modules.

GoKnow’s virtual simulator uses virtual factory pieces that can be customized to suit your student’s needs. With all their training tools on their mobile phones, your students can learn faster and whenever they want at a fraction of the cost of an actual laboratory (GoKnow, 2012).

The GoKnow application is available at the Apple App Store for both Android and Mac platforms.


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