ISPI President-Elect Lisa Toenniges represented the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) at Elliott Masie’s Learning 2012 Conference, which was held October 21-24 at Disney’s Colorado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida. ISPI is a Cooperating Organization for Learning 2012.

Lisa presented “Workforce & Human Performance: ISPI” and provided an overview of ISPI and introduced conference attendees to several well-known performance improvement tools, including the HPT model, Gilbert’s model, and the impact map.

“I felt it was important to convey how workforce performance takes on new significance in our economic future and how human performance technology is key to global competitiveness,” says Lisa.

Additionally, Lisa engaged in a 10-minute question-and-answer session with Learning 2012 host and keynote speaker Elliott Masie. The session was about workplace performance and what learning functions and individuals in those functions can do to use performance improvement techniques and evidence-based practices to drive business results.

“It was a great conference,” says Lisa. “Many people wanted more information about performance improvement and ISPI.”

In addition to being president-elect of ISPI, Lisa Toenniges is the chief executive officer and owner of Innovative Learning Group (ILG). ILG creates training and performance support solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and is located in Royal Oak, Michigan (