Edited by Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD, with contributing comments from LCDR Scott Rooke, PMP, and Captain J.R. Wyville (primary source: The AFC-ISPI 2013 Chapter of Excellence Application).

The Armed Forces ISPI Chapter (AFC-ISPI) is a virtual chapter with more than 125 members who hail from the world at large. AFC-ISPI serves the military, consultants, emergency services, contractors, and others who seek to promote excellence in military training and performance improvement. Membership is open to anyone associated with the military services from around the globe. For the past three years, ISPI has recognized AFC-ISPI for their chapter excellence.

AFC-ISPI meets face-to-face at the annual ISPI conference. Because a large number of members attend this event, the chapter board meets with members to discuss chapter business, such as installation of the new board, and to network. Given that members have the military in common, these meetings become a mixture of sea stories and best practices shared across the blue and green lines as well as our international borders with members from Canada and the United States.

AFC-ISPI has specialty-interest groups (SIGs) for Canadian military, including: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, Marine Corps, Navy, and Allied Forces. The board welcomes volunteers to lead these SIGs and thanks the existing leaders:

  • Lieutenant-Commander Bradley J. White
  • Todd LeFebvre
  • David M. Padley, BMC
  • Sean Rea
  • Lloyd Long
  • Mark Brewer

AFC-ISPI Objectives
The chapter objectives include:

  • Promote professional development of members
  • Exchange information about improving human performance in the military
  • Encourage the application of human performance technology (HPT) to military training, learning, and performance problems
  • Assist and guide others on how to use performance improvement in their work
  • Support the goals of ISPI

In addition to its regularly published newsletters and social media communications, the AFC-ISPI provides several webinars focusing on one or more of the 10 Performance Improvement Standards. In addition, the Tampa Bay Chapter shared with AFC-ISPI members their webinars.

Member Characteristics and Contributions
AFC-ISPI continues to serve the greater HPT community:

  • More than 30% of AFC-ISPI members hold the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation.
  • In 2012, 21 members served as volunteers on ISPI committees.
  • More than 15 members have published in the ISPI media.
  • AFC-ISPI members contributed to the development of the new ISPI HPT Glossary.

Special thanks to AFC-ISPI Webinar Presenters
The AFC-ISPI board thanks the multitude of webinar presenters who, without fail, find time in their busy schedules to share their knowledge with our members. Their commitment to the continued education and knowledge transfer to our membership enables us to continue our journeys as lifelong learners and learn something that we can apply to our own world of work. The presenters we would like to thank include:

  • Allison Rossett
  • Andrea Edmundson
  • Barb Spice
  • Bill Coscarelli
  • Bob Mosher
  • Brett Christensen
  • Darryl Sink
  • David Hartt
  • Deborah Stone
  • Dick Handshaw
  • Don Tosti
  • Fred Nickols
  • Geary Rummler
  • Guy Wallace
  • Jim Hill
  • Jim Pershing
  • Judith Hale
  • Kayleen Grage
  • Kim Williams
  • Kristina Schneider
  • Lance Dublin
  • Lisa Yates
  • Mike Hajba
  • Mario Vittone
  • Paula Alshure
  • Ray Svenson
  • Robert Brinkerhoff
  • Rodger Chevalier
  • Roger Addison
  • Roger Kaufman
  • Ruth Clark
  • Sandra Ogden
  • Sharon Shrock
  • Steve Villachica
  • Tim Mooney
  • Wayne Aaberg
  • Wayne Gallant
  • Will Thalheimer
  • William Pullen

Upcoming facilitators

  • November: Jim Parry and Al Wheaton
  • December: Ruth Clark

Special Thanks
The AFC-ISPI board thanks Roger Chevalier, Guy Wallace, and Brett Christensen as the leaders of our chapter. While the board works to provide services to members, these three heavily invest in the chapter’s success. They engage, support, and represent the best that our chapter has to offer.

The board also thanks Michael Polkinghorn, our webmaster, who is behind the scenes and keeps the website running and coordinates the webinar recordings for members who otherwise would not be able to view them.


2012 Board of Directors

  • President: Dave Padley, Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Coast Guard
  • President-Elect: John Wyville, Captain, Canadian Forces
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Rooke, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Past President: Jim Parry, Civilian Employee, U.S. Coast Guard