It was January 2010, when ISPI past president Judy Hale and Executive Director April Davis were invited to a Potential Partners Presentation and Networking Session at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It was here they learned of the agency’s interest in the Certified Performance Technologist designation. Much has happened since that meeting in regard to ISPI’s work with USAID providers.

Just recently, USAID released its global HICD solicitation for proposals. “HICD” is the agency branding for human performance technology (HPT). As you can imagine, this will be a highly competitive bidding process, and a great opportunity for advancing HPT as a form of capacity development in transitioning countries. Many ISPI members are already involved with different consortia.

No matter who wins the task orders, there will be plenty of international work for CPTs. Click here to find an extract of the scope of work and notice the heavy influence of HPT methodology in the approach. A big emphasis is building capacity in local countries, and with this, a push for more performance certification.

ISPI will support the efforts of all USAID contractors in strengthening the application of HPT around the world. The Society will not join any specific consortium. Rather, ISPI will be an umbrella all can rely on for performance research, innovative practices, and practitioner development.

The adoption by USAID of the HPT approach for its institutional development methodology is certainly evidence of success of our mission to promote the use of HPT in the greater world–for “Mega” purposes as longtime ISPI member and past president Roger Kaufman might describe it.