In today’s business scenario tectonic shifts are taking place at lightning speed. The benchmarks of performance excellence are continually moving and the competition is getting increasingly fierce. It is clearly the age of globalization where every business is becoming a global business irrespective of the territories one operates in. In fact, today’s global competitors are operating in our own backyards and therefore heightening the pressure on companies to become globally competitive.

Organizations in the contemporary world are confronted with the challenges posed by the confluence of ambiguities, uncertainties, and complexities. Business leaders of today need to be like the seafarers of the great oceans who successfully navigated without reliable maps, in shark-infested seas, with turbulent waters crashing the bow of the ship and stormy clouds looming large on the horizon.

In this age of discontinuity, to thrive and excel business organizations need continual innovation, strategic cost leadership, high quality, performance excellence, speedy response, strong customer service, effective corporate governance, and powerful human talent. Experiences of winning companies worldwide have conclusively proved that human talent is the only differentiator that cannot be imitated, unlike the other levers of competitiveness. Great organizations have, therefore, been successfully utilizing the power of human talent for creating competitive advantage and developing cutting-edge organizations. It is in this perspective that IFTDO has planned a Global Conference on Capability Building for Cutting-Edge Organizations in the Emerging Business Order, April 22-25, 2013, in New Delhi, India. The subthemes include:

  • Emerging Corporate Landscape: Issues and Challenges
  • Architecting Winning Organizations: Through Competitive Pillars
  • Managing Performance Excellence
  • Promoting Entrepreneur Innovation
  • Promoting Learning and Empowering Work Culture
  • Shaping Transformational Leadership
  • Inclusive Growth, through Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CEOs Panel: Creating Cutting-Edge Organizations
  • Managing Gen Y: Issues and Challenges
  • Managing Diversity: Cross-Cultural and Gender Issues