Congratulations to James B. Ellsworth, CPT, PhD, Chief Performance Officer, US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, winner of the August Share the Gift of ISPI Member-Get-A-Member monthly prize drawing. Jim won the book Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: A Guide to Improving People, Process, and Performance by Darlene Van Tiem, James L. Moseley, and Joan C. Dessinger.

In His Own Words: Why Does Jim Recommend ISPI?
As a military leader in learning and performance contexts, ISPI has played a key role as a professional network and source of information since the middle of my career. In fact, my Certified Performance Technologist credential and my service and leadership in ISPI over the past 15 years played a direct role in my selection for my first Senior Executive level assignment, where I’m leading the development of an ISO 17024 compliant, performance-based certification program for geospatial intelligence professionals in government, business, and academe. I’m about to hire a certification tech for my new office, so I encouraged her to join ISPI (and start preparing her CPT packet). As long as our young professionals and their senior mentors continue to have stories like this to tell, ISPI will continue to grow as the preeminent resource for learning and performance professionals!

Recruiting Rolls On
As we begin the third month of the Share the Gift of ISPI Member-Get-A-Member campaign, we would like to thank everyone who has helped spread the word about ISPI. With Share the Gift running through November 15, there’s still plenty of time to get involved, refer new members, and win prizes!

Refer just one new member and you will receive the ISPI award-winning book The Bottomline on ROI by Patti Phillips, CPT, PhD. Referrals also count toward monthly prizes and the grand prize awards, which includes a free registration to THE Performance Improvement Conference 2013 and hotel stay for the top recruiter.

Tips for Recruiting New Members
Would you like to participate in the Share the Gift of ISPI campaign, but don’t know how to get started? Take a look at the Recruiter Toolkit for information and resources to begin recruiting today. Also, here are some tips to help you during the recruiting process.

  • Talk about your ISPI experience. Tell potential new members how ISPI has helped further your career. Did you pick up an idea in a Performance Improvement Journal article? Make a valuable connection in your local chapter? Attend an outstanding session at THE Performance Improvement Conference? Share how your membership has benefited you personally and professionally.
  • Become familiar with ISPI’s membership benefits. Study up so you can share potential members about the benefits they will enjoy once they join.
  • Where to look for new members:
    • In your own company: Are there any co-workers or employees in other departments who could benefit from joining ISPI?
    • At ISPI events that are open to non-members.
    • At industry events in your field.
    • Within your social networks, such as LinkedIn.
    • Reconnect with ISPI friends and colleagues who have let their membership lapse.
  • Invite potential new members to ISPI events to give them a taste of what they would enjoy as members.
  • Whenever possible, meet in person. It’s much easier to answer all their questions and have a membership form ready for them to complete!
  • Follow up. Ask if they have sent in their application or if there are any questions you can answer. Also, send a thank you note to let them know you appreciate their support.

Welcome New Members
We would like to welcome all new members who joined ISPI from July 21-August 20. We’re pleased to have you as a part of our organization.

  • Christine Andrews, Integris Credit Union
  • Anne R. Ashurst
  • Mitchell J. Beckman, Webber LLC
  • Alissa Bowman, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Robert A. Campbell, Jr., AgriNorthwest
  • Alan S. Chain, MBA, Bally Technologies
  • Cindy Chambers
  • Brett Childs, New Zealand Ministry of Social Development
  • Paul R. Clark, CPT, Tbilisi Business Service Center Ltd.
  • Jennifer Clayton
  • Kelly Cross
  • Steven A. De Leon
  • Bret Ellsworth, Welfare Services – LDS Church
  • TJ Heller
  • Nancy R. Hyde, Hyde Performance Solutions, LLC
  • Donna Karlin, A Better Perspective
  • Harry Knight
  • Melissa A. Lowe
  • Katie McNeill
  • Michael Nicholson
  • Paulette S. Oberlander, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Cheryl Peel, Consultant, CoreAxis
  • Aaron Peterson, City of Tempe
  • Paula Rossini, Cisco
  • Mel Schnapper, PhD
  • Aurora Seguinot Cruz
  • Patrick Sheehan, Tanderra Consulting Group
  • Katherine M. Spang, Ohio PERS
  • Elizabeth Szigeti, University of Central Florida
  • Sherri Wipperman, Sandia National Laboratories