By Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD

Chapter Boards have been helping members plan for THE Performance Improvement Conference, April 14-17, 2013, at the Silver Legacy Resort in Reno, Nevada. Some are arranging car pools, hotel room sharing, and even considering renting a bus. To further help chapters, volunteer superstar Kim Warfield created what we like to call, The Road to Reno Savings Plan Calculator (Note: This link directs your browser to the ISPI Collaborate Portal. You will need to log onto the server to access the tool.) Chapter leaders, please share this tool with your members!

As the Capella Chapter’s Road to Reno Committee Chair, Kim wanted a tool to help members save for conference expenses. By estimating your expenses and by determining how much you will need to save, Chapter members can eliminate the financial guesswork and recognize how realistic it is to attend this outstanding educational and networking event.

Right Column: Your Expenses
There are two tables for entering expenses: Conference expenses and travel expenses. Once you have these calculated, you can use the Conference Savings Plan Table to view how much you need to save per month and your progress towards your goal.


Left Column: Your Savings
You will enter the date and the amount saved in this column. as you enter savings amount, the center column shows a large thermometer used to track your progress.

Footer: Summary & Travel Links
You can use the footer to track the percentage saved, number of days before the conference starts, and access links to various travel websites.

THE Performance Improvement Conference is an effective way for practitioners to grow professionally within our field and network with our international community. Chapter Boards are encouraged to share this tool with Chapter members to help quantify expenses and create a plan to successfully travel the road to Reno.