You are invited to submit a paper for possible inclusion in a special April 2013 issue of Performance Improvement (PI) journal, Sustainable Performance: A New Agenda for Adding Value, which addresses the concept of sustainability and invites you to consider what sustainable performance means to you as a human performance technology professional. Sustainability has many definitions, one being the capacity to endure. As the influence and visibility of performance technology continues to grow, sustainability of our profession as the enduring “go to” resource for performance improvement has never been more timely or important.

In the complex, global business arena, sustainability is most often associated with the idea of corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility in terms of social (societal), financial, and environmental impacts, or the triple bottom line (Savitz & Weber, 2006). These three pillars–environmental, social, and economic demands–have served as a common ground for numerous sustainability standards and certification systems, which continue to evolve. From an organizational perspective, there has been increased emphasis and growing sensitivity about sustainability as an overarching, holistic business practice. Business communities are gaining more and more evidence that conducting business in socially responsible, economically viable, and environmentally sound ways will create value for customers, increase stakeholder engagement, and significantly improve overall profit margins.

How, then, does the concept of sustainability translate into the community of practice that represents performance improvement? How do predominant principles regarding sustainable development, or predominant principles regarding sustainable corporate performance, influence implications for current and future research, theory, and practice of HPT? We invite you to write an article or a brief commentary explaining your point of view about the issue of sustainability and its implications for performance improvement practitioners and the profession at large.

If you are interested in contributing an article to this special issue, please notify Guest Editor Holly Burkett ( of your intent to submit by September 17, 2013. Draft article submissions are due by October 10, 2012. The author guidelines are available online at – Author.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the PI Editor, Darlene Van Tiem (, Guest Editor, Holly Burkett (, or Brian Gresham, Publications Manager (