By Mark Bowers

I have decided to use Collaborate to help define and refine my professional development path. After a full career in the Navy and several years of industry experience in the federal sector, I have discovered that my real passion is for performance improvement, but I did not really understand how to gain formal education and credibility in the field. Collaborate is helping me understand the learning opportunities available to me as well as helping me build my connections to performance improvement colleagues.

About the Author
Mark Bowers is an accomplished business executive with demonstrated success in building strong teams for service delivery, business development, and organizational development. He provides coaching and mentoring for strategic, operational, and tactical solutions with a strong emphasis on delivering quality. His broad experience in federal, national security, defense and higher education environments is complemented by strong strategic management and planning skills. He is recognized as a big-picture thinker with rapid system assessment capabilities, yet mindful of detail required for tactical execution. His goal is to find service opportunities that help others grow mentally through challenge and celebration.