By: Rose Noxon, CPT, PhD

Reason #1: It works on my time.
As a person who has worked virtually for more than 10 years, did my graduate and doctoral degrees at Capella’s Virtual University, and was founder of Capella’s award-winning virtual chapter, I am obviously very comfortable in cyberspace. However, one of the most exciting things about ISPI is getting to share information, tools, and ideas with like-minded professionals. Our annual conference is the ultimate experience where this is concerned. I don’t ever seem to get enough of it. The ISPI Collaborate tool is our own professional cyber-cafe where we can view what others are talking about in discussion posts and blogs and join in whenever we have a chance to contribute. Best of all, the information is there for everyone to read and contribute–now and into the future.

Another way I am using the ISPI Collaborate tool is to manage the assets, meeting materials, and discussions of the Chapter Partnership Committee as well as the new location to keep Chapter Resources. The new Chapter Ambassador program was launched prior to the ISPI Collaborate and we started out using a Google Group. That group information is now going to be ported to the ISPI Collaborate, which has features like a calendar that surpass the functionality. The static Chapter Resources page is also moving to the ISPI Collaborate site. In both cases the ISPI Collaborate site allows us not only to store reference documents for download, but also to leave comments, questions, and best practices. Again, these comments and suggestions are stored right there with the document so any time in the future others can benefit from the information.

The world is really such a rat race these days. Trying to get even two people together to discuss anything is a challenge. Tools like ISPI Collaborate allow us to communicate and share ideas across time, when we have time. It also allows the services of ISPI to be more accessible to members by having them at the ready on the site–when YOU need them!

About the Author
Rose Noxon, CPT, PhD, has 25-plus years in learning and development and 10-plus years in the performance improvement arena. She is the founder of CACI’s corporate university and IT portfolio business service processes. She has expert knowledge of corporate training, learning and human resource systems, training vendor market space, and competency libraries. She has spoken on the subjects of corporate university branding, curriculum development competency and performance management; and published on the topics of IT, banking, and return on investment. She also holds ROI Certification from ASTD.