By Steven Kelly

Many work teams–and through them the institutions that sponsor the effort–can be a bit shy when it comes to singing their own praises. Be it because of a lack of time, a lack of self-belief, or a lack of self-confidence, there are occasions where professionals miss out on opportunities to promote themselves or gain recognition through awards.

Although entering an awards application does take a bit of self-promotion or “selling” and an investment in time and resources, it is an investment that can reap rewards and ongoing benefits for a group that wins an honor or higher recognition for their efforts.

There are numerous benefits for your company or agency in taking the time and energy to enter awards.

Why You Should Apply for ISPI Awards of Excellence
There are many reasons to apply for an award–most of them centering on the benefits the recognition of an award will produce. Some of those reasons are:

  • A boost in self-esteem for the team as a whole, as well as for those involved in the office or business that has promoted the effort.
  • An injection of energy and enthusiasm. It is a chance to celebrate the efforts of team members and institution partners–particularly those who have committed their time or allocated funding–and to have that effort acknowledged and recognized as important by a wider audience.
  • An increase in profile for the work team as its projects are celebrated externally as successful. This means more opportunities for people (inside your organization and in the wider sector) to know what you are doing–especially in your specialty area. This enhances the chance of greater participation from them in your future activities. It could also mean your work team will carry a little more “sway” among the executives and influential people where you operate.
  • Just applying for an award can improve your work team’s message. An application can be a chance to review and refine your team’s message, which can be an exercise that often provides a far clearer idea of exactly how much benefit you provide to the target audience. Sharing the draft with supervisors reinforces their awareness of the importance of your efforts.
  • Winning an award is likely to result in extra publicity for your work team through the media or in the organization generally, leading to that rise in profile and the benefits that come with it. It also allows you to again tell stakeholders and the wider professional community what you do and why you do it.
  • Your finances could be boosted. These awards can provide a solid basis for a good marketing opportunity and platform for wider funding or application within your sector.
  • Even applying or nominating for an award is a great way of showing your appreciation to your institutional supporters, work team partners, and everyone else involved.
  • One award could lead to further awards, multiplying the benefits listed above.
  • Your work team deserves it!

The deadline for applications for the ISPI awards of excellence is October 19, 2012. That’s still three months away!  This is plenty of time to refine an entry for an outstanding human performance intervention, communication, or research project. Reward yourself and your team! Link here to get details and download an application… it is the first step in getting your group and organization the recognition they deserve. To learn more, visit