By Gary DePaul and Rose Noxon (Road to Reno)

Upcoming chapter leader conference calls
The Chapter Partnership Committee (CPC) facilitates monthly chapter leader conference calls to help communicate with chapters and share ideas. All virtual calls occur at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. All chapter leaders are welcomed to block time in their schedules for these calls. Below are the dates for the calls and the web page and log-in information.

Conference call dates
July 25 | August 22 | September 19 | October 24 | November 14 | December 12 | January 23 | February 20 | March 20

The CPC encourages chapter leaders to attend the Chapter Leadership Workshop (typically occurring the day before the concurrent sessions begin) at the Reno conference. The all-day workshop is free to chapter leaders and typically includes a complimentary luncheon with the ISPI Board.

Monthly call login information
(You will need to log onto the ISPI website to view this link).

Chapter Ambassador Program
Chapter ambassadors are past chapter leaders who are available to help chapter boards with advice about governance and chapter growth. These volunteers work with two to three chapters with the intent to:

  • Assist chapters to achieve goals beneficial to chapter members and the Society
  • Ensure strategic and succession plans exist and then support chapters in successfully implementing those plans

The ambassadors will work with chapter boards to find out what the chapter’s culture is like, what works well, where the chapter has been strong, and what areas the chapter wants to improve. The ambassadors will introduce some new tools to help the boards identify issues, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Chapter ambassadors also help improve the communication between chapters and ISPI. Rose Noxon, the CPC chair, will work with ambassadors to make certain that she updates the ISPI Board about the needs and current state of chapters.
By now, chapter ambassadors should have contacted their assigned chapters. If an ambassador has not contacted your chapter, contact Rose Noxon.

Road to Reno: Help your chapter members get there!
This summer, the CPC would like chapters to establish a program designed to bring as many chapter members as possible to the conference in Reno. Chapter members who have already attended the annual conference know how effective it is for networking, learning, and the inspiration.

Why chapter members might not attend the conference
Chapter leaders have told the CPC that members do not attend because of a lack of prior planning for the cost or the time needed to make the trip. Therefore, the CPC asks chapters to put together a program that works for their chapter’s environment.

How chapters can help members attend the conference
Here are some things that the CPC heard from chapters for helping members attend the conference:

  • One chapter is considering renting a bus to minimize travel cost and plans to have team-building and fun events on the bus.
  • Another chapter expressed having a fundraising event and grants for student members.
  • Last year, some chapter members shared hotel rooms with out-of-work members.

Let us know your ideas so that we can share them with other chapters!

Now available on the ISPI website
ISPI has published the 2013 award submission documents. Chapters must submit their applications by October 19, 2012. The two categories for chapters are:

  • Chapter of ExcellenceChapter
  • Communication and Education

As Robin Stimson notes:
“Just as with last year’s criteria, chapters will not compete against each other. It remains a very simple process to highlight your individual chapter assets and accomplishments. If, for example, one chapter excels in membership development while another excels in programming, both chapters should be eligible to receive a Chapter of Excellence Award. We have created a point and ranking system to take these differences into account as explained in the submission packet.”

Why not start a chapter awards committee today to complete the applications?

About the Chapter Corner
The Chapter Corner column is dedicated to communicate chapter news and share chapter successes. If your chapter has had a recent accomplishment or success, share it in the Chapter Corner! Contact Gary DePaul.