If you missed the 2012 Performance Improvement Conference or just missed Roger Chevalier’s session, “Models and Tools for Performance Improvement,” it is available on Guy Wallace’s website. The presentation is a highly condensed version of the one-day workshop that Roger provides his clients to enhance their analysis skills. It is based on his article that revised Tom Gilbert’s Behavioral Engineering Model (Chevalier, R. [2003, May/June]. Updating the Behavioral Engineering Model. Performance Improvement 42[5], 8-13). Guy Wallace taped Roger’s presentation and then edited in some of the more important PowerPoint slides. ISPI would like to thank Roger and Guy for making this presentation available.

Dr. Roger Chevalier, CPT, is the author of the 2008 ISPI Award of Excellence recipient, A Manager’s Guide to Improving Workplace Performance, published by the American Management Association (2007). He is an independent consultant who specializes in imbedding training into comprehensive performance improvement solutions. He has personally trained more than 30,000 managers, supervisors, and salespeople in performance improvement, leadership, coaching, change management, and sales programs in hundreds of workshops. He can be reached at Roger@aboutiwp.com or 707.584. 7160. His website is at www.aboutiwp.com.