By Kenisha L. Thompson

Volunteering with ISPI has given me the opportunity to serve, learn, and network with colleagues that share my passion for HPT. Even with the camaraderie I have experienced at conferences and chapter meetings, the Society initially seemed large, and, in some ways, intimidating. Volunteering made it easier to learn what ISPI had to offer and, even more, what I could offer the ISPI community. This is my third year volunteering and it feels rewarding to give back to the organization that has given, and continues to give, so much to me as a professional.

Kenisha Thompson is the founder and President of Keni Consulting, LLC, an Organizational Training and Development firm that emphasizes measurable results and positive societal impact. Founded out of the desire to bring the same “best practices” that solidify the success of major corporations to other audiences, Keni Consulting has strategically partnered with individuals, community and faith-based organizations, and businesses to help them establish and achieve their training and performance goals while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

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