June 5, 6, and 7, 2012
Fairfax, Virginia–Mason Inn

Sponsored by the Defense Acquisition University & George Mason University
Keynote Speakers: George Siemens, Jane Hart, Mitch Kapor, Tony O’Driscoll
Theme: New Skills for a Global Workforce
This year’s Innovations in e-Learning symposium (IEL12) will harness the power of informal learning and social media; learning and performance analytics; and competitive edge through innovation to help learning organizations foster the new global workforce skill set needed to expand e-learning strategies and systems.

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Informal Learning and Social Media–Exploring how social media is used to support informal learning in the workplace and beyond. Showcasing case studies and best practices of social media use for independent learning, knowledge generation, and the creation of personal learning environments. Leveraging social media platforms for the deliberate integration of formal and informal learning spaces.
Learning and Performance Analytics–Focusing on the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts to improve understanding of teaching and learning and optimize the design of learning environments. Leveraging the power of data mining, interpretation, and analysis models to assess academic progress, predict future performance, and provide advice and insight on learning.
Competitive Edge Through Innovation–Examining how learning organizations can move beyond static infrastructure, doing more with less. Achieving innovation by (re)thinking activities from a different view. Demonstrating learning technologies’ critical role in supporting change, agility, and the organization’s competitive edge through innovation.