Top Resultant Management Consulting Company was newly built in 2010 in China. It serves small and medium Chinese Enterprises with learning and people developing solutions. Coaching, Change Management and Leadership Development are their core products. Our company takes their mission, “bringing true and consistent value” to each client. They have the insights to local companies needs, rich knowledge and practice of advanced management methodologies and the ability of bridging them up. Learning and human performance improvement will be their focus in next 3 to 5 years.

HPT is a mature technology and has already achieved good results in other countries. We will study the accumulated best practices and combine them with our insight to Chinese enterprises to develop the most suitable package. HPT is relatively new in China. We would take the chance to build a solid foundation.

How do you use social media in your work? As a resource? As a solution?

We are planning to translate and publish some good books about HPT. Meanwhile, we are planning to launch a column on the topic of performance technology in the industry media.

What is your favorite CPT – HPT story?

The story about the performance improvement of a call center in the book of <narrow the gap> co-written by Robinson and Ken Blanchard is very profound, it deeply attracted me. The same stories are taking place here with some of our customers. From that we got such a sense of mission to really help enterprises solve their problems with HPT.

What excites you about ISPI’s work?

Performance Technology has been introduced to China just for a short time. The market promotion is still in an early stage. It is very important to help more practitioners to understand and master the technology.
So what we mostly need is the ISPI’ strong support in marketing and specially designed courses or seminars for targeted practitioners. Those will bring us huge value!

What types of learning/performance improvement opportunities does Top Resultant Management Consulting Co. Ltd. offer it’s employees? Its clients?

We plan to provide trainings and workshops for practitioners to enhance the personal abilities of performance improvement consulting. We also plan to work with customer in projects of performance improvement as consultant.

How has Top Resultant Management Consulting Co. Ltd. approach(es) to performance improvement changed over time?

We just started our business in this area last year, so there is no change yet

What interesting things does Top Resultant Management Consulting Co. Ltd. do to manage and develop its human capital?

We found that a large part of human resource practitioners don’t understand the enterprise’s own business and strategy. They are not able to look at the work of human resources in a higher level. They focus too much in their own territory thus can’t help business as needed. Human resources work is usually passive implementation. Practitioners can’t perform a good interaction or cooperation with business sectors.
We will remind them to learn more about the business, think about their own work from corporate strategy and business perspective. We also plan to carry out the training in the second half of this year, which helps human resources practitioners develop their ability to interpret and analyze the company’s strategy and the business.

How does human performance technology add value to Top Resultant Management Consulting Co. Ltd.? How do you measure it’s worth and value?

HTP is urgently needed by our clients. It helps enterprises to better improve their performance while lowering the cost of the implementation of training and other interventions. Human Performance Technology delivers big value for our customers, thus indirectly, it brings best value toTRM.