By: Gay Bruhn

The two-day Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) Preparation Workshop will be offered June 26 – 27 in Alexandria, VA. and September 10-11 in Phoenix AZ. For more information or to register on line

The CPT Preparation Workshop has been offered for years at ISPI’s Annual Conference and as an in-house workshop for organizations. The certification fee is included in the workshop fee and participants have 3 years to complete their application. The application requires 3 years of experience, a description of 3 projects demonstrating the 10 CPT Standards, and committing to a code of ethical practice.
While the workshop is not required to earn the CPT, it gives participants the opportunity to review examples and complete standard descriptions for their applications. Expert feedback on project selection and descriptions are a key workshop activity. Many who complete the workshop often submit their applications successfully and earn their CPTs within one year.