This week’s contributor: Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD

Summary: Action items and opportunities for chapter Leaders

  • Go to ISPI Collaborate, and join the Global Chapter Community.
  • Attend the monthly chapter leader conference calls.
  • Contact Rose Noxon, PhD <> if you are interested in becoming:
    • A chapter ambassador
    • The CPC Deputy Chair or want to recommend someone

2012 Chapter Leaders Workshop (CLW)
Here are some of the highlights:

  • Jack Phillips, PhD offered to conduct a workshop for any chapter interested (no speaker fee)
  • Judy Hale, CPT, PhD, announced that for 2013, the Board intends to include a chapter as part of the international membership. The Board is just beginning discussions.
  • Dick Handshaw facilitated a case study to introduce the Chapter In A Box.

2012-13 CPC Chair: Rose Noxon
Rose Noxon, CPT Ph.D. will be the 2012-13 Chapters Partnership Committee Chair. Rose is implementing several initiatives/deliverables including:

  • Chapter Ambassadors Program
  • Global Chapter Community
  • Monthly chapter leader calls
  • 2013 Chapter Leaders Workshop

Rose is actively seeking a CPC Deputy Chair who has been a chapter president. For more information, contact Rose <>.

Special thanks to Dick Handshaw for his work as the 2011-12 CPC Chair.

Global Chapter Community in ISPI Collaborate
As part of the new ISPI Collaborate Site (Connect-Share-Learn-Grow), the CPC has created Global Chapter Community. Chapter leaders will use this community to share best practices, ask questions, share successes, eventually access the chapter resources (currently located on the ISPI website under the Chapters Tab).

Monthly chapter leader conference calls
Starting 9 May at 7:00 PM EST, the CPC will begin to facilitate the monthly chapter leader conference calls. Chapter leaders can attend these calls to learn news about ISPI, CPC, and other chapters. The CPC will post the agenda in the Global Chapter Community and will provide more details soon. The May call will focus on the new Chapter Ambassadors Program.

Chapter Ambassador Program
In May, the CPC will implement the Chapter Ambassador Program. Volunteers will attend a training conference call on 9 May. The volunteer commitment will be about 12 hours per month or 3 hours per week. Chapter Ambassadors will support about three chapters. The CPC will share details during the May chapter leader conference call.