Each year, ISPI’s President chooses members to recognize as invaluable to the success of his or her presidency. Many people have contributed over the past year; however, the following people have made significant contributions including pulling together the 50th celebration, spearheading work on the Certification and Accreditation Governance Committee, fostering our relationships with leaders in developing markets, promoting ISPI in other professions, and stewarding the work of key committees.

— Judith Hale, CPT, PhD, 2011-12 President

  • Anne Apking, CPT, for her service on the Nomination Committee for more than three years
  • Ann Battenfield, CPT, for her work and leadership on the 2012 conference
  • SiatMoy Chong, CPT, for her guidance in supporting our relationship with China
  • Rob Foshay, CPT, for his leadership and vision related to helping position ISPI as the standard bearer of human performance technology (HPT)
  • Carol Lynn Judge, CPT, for her support of and representation of the USN on the CACG
  • Don Kirkey, for his service to the CACG for almost 10 years
  • Jason Lei, PhD, for his service on the Awards of Excellence Committee
  • Andrea Moore, CPT, for her exemplary work on accreditation
  • Margo Murray, CPT, for her dedication and stick-to-itiveness in support of our 50th anniversary
  • Dave Padley, CPT, for his service to the CACG and representing the USCG
  • Char Wells, CPT, for her service to the CACG for almost 10 years
  • Kevin Wilson, CPT, for his promoting of ISPI, HPT, and the CPT to the fire service