Take advantage of valuable advice and guidance from career coach Marshall Brown at THE Performance Improvement Conference, April 18-23, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Whether you are actively looking for a new job, considering a career change, or just want to keep your resume up-to-date for one day down the road, the Career Center will provide you with valuable insight into the ins and outs of a successful job search from an experienced career coach.

Attendees can receive help strategizing for a job search, practicing interview skills, or having their resume reviewed. In today’s competitive job market, professionals need to take the time to manage their career; the skills you will take away from the Career Center will empower you to do just that.

Marshall’s most important advice for job seekers? “Spend 80 to 85% of your job search developing and maintaining your network.” Attending THE Conference is the perfect opportunity to make new contacts and catch up with performance improvement professionals you have connected with in the past.

While many conferences offer career center services at an additional fee, ISPI offers these valuable services complimentary to conference attendees as part of their registration. Sign up for a one-on-one complimentary coaching session with Marshall (reservations required) or take part in a group session (no reservation needed). To sign up for a one-on-one conference career coaching or resume review session, contact Robin Stimson at robins@ispi.org or 301.587.8570.

Take charge of your professional career in these information-packed group sessions, led by Marshall Brown:

Stand Out by Building Your Brand
Saturday, April 21, 7:00-8:00 am

Branding is not just for products anymore. Personal branding has become a must if you want to progress in your career, build your business, add value to your company, and stand out from your competition. Personal branding shows your uniqueness, your value, your goal…the difference that is you!

The Realities of a Successful Job Search
Sunday, April 22, 7:00-8:00 am

Are you “between successes” or perhaps considering a job change? Hear from an ISPI professional who has made a successful job change and a career coach about what employers look for in potential applicants and what makes a candidate “stand out” from his or her competition. Learn from those who have made a transition as they share their ideas and thoughts with you. Featuring panelists: Cathy Brown, MS, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, and Kathy Telban, CPT, MEd, SPHR, Cuyahoga Community College and iSOLVit, LLC.

Creating Powerful Resumes
Monday, April 23, 7:00-8:00 am

Are you marketing your skills and accomplishments effectively? Would you hire yourself? In today’s highly competitive job market, your resume needs to be powerful and stand out from the competition. It needs to attract the attention of hiring authorities, showcase your relevant work background, and demonstrate that you have the right qualifications for the job. Learn to identify key work expertise and experiences and how to bundle them together to develop a resume projecting your unique professional brand.

Marshall Brown Bio PhotoMarshall Brown is a career and executive coach with a passion for encouraging individuals and organizations to reach exceptional levels of performance. He is founder and CEO of Marshall Brown & Associates, an international coaching, training, and leadership development company. His mantra is simple: Get clear, get focused, get ahead.