The passion ISPI members have for human performance technology is unsurpassed. I am involved in at least a dozen professional organizations and I have not seen this level of dedication in other groups. The volunteers and the volunteer leadership truly make a difference. Dedication to making chapters successful, relevant, and valuable to ISPI is inspiring. I am proud to represent you as President.

Our future has many opportunities. As we embark on our next 50 years, there are challenges that we will meet with the same energy as our predecessors. As we meet those challenges, human performance technology will be more tightly sewn into the fabric of organizations. The existence of performance improvement departments will become the norm for organizations, rather than the exception. The title of Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) will become more than a designation to wear proudly. It will become a sought-after individual with a globally recognized skill set known for successfully tackling even the most daunting performance problems.

To face the challenges ahead and reap the rewards of opportunity, ISPI needs membership growth. Your Board needs your help to accomplish the following:

  1. Grow our chapters. We have enjoyed excellent chapter growth through outstanding local and national leaders. Additional support is needed to make chapters a great source for new members.
  2. Expand the international membership. While we have a good base of international membership, it should be expanded. The fact that our 50th anniversary is celebrated in Toronto is one indication of our outreach outside of U.S. borders. In the future, our Board and others will focus on ways to attract members from around the world. This will be accomplished primarily through strategic alliances and global networks.
  3. Bring more recognition to the CPTs. The individuals who have reached this designation have much to offer. Unfortunately, many managers and executives in organizations do not recognize the value of this accomplishment. We need to have the CPT designation fully recognized, appreciated, and used for assembling a team, staffing a project, and executing organization strategy.
  4. Reach members who are outside of the classic learning and development and HR arena. We need to pursue members who may work in other locations, performing other duties, but are still concerned with performance improvement. We could offer much to this group as we provide tools, templates, processes, and learning opportunities.
  5. Push for a performance improvement function in organizations. Working with senior executives and leaders in organizations, we will advocate this specialized function.

Your Board and voluntary leaders will rededicate ourselves to making ISPI a vibrant organization of professionals. Let’s keep the passion and channel it in meaningful ways to make this organization continue to be the place and the source for performance improvement. I look forward to working with you this year.

—Jack Phillips, President 2012-2013