By Jessica Briskin and Marci Paino, CPT

Did you know that ISPI’s first meeting was held on January 29, 1962, in San Antonio, Texas? Did you know that ISPI’s original name was NSPI (National Society for Programmed Instruction)? Did you know that over 650 people attended the first ISPI conference for $13? The Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) is proud to celebrate ISPI’s 50th anniversary by announcing the availability of the ISPI/NSPI Interactive Timeline!

What Is It? What Is Included?
The NSPI/ISPI Interactive Timeline is a fun and engaging way to explore the key historical events that have shaped the Society and the field in which we work. The timeline is an easily navigable tool that can be referenced on-demand. There is a plethora of information and images included in the timeline. You can navigate through the timeline at your own pace, surfing through information by decade, year, or category. Categories include: human performance technology (HPT) in practice, major Societal changes, major international conference changes, committees, and Certified Performance Technologist (CPT).

The timeline serves multiple purposes, exploring ISPI milestones while highlighting how ISPI has played a fundamental role in the advancement of HPT. It can be used by both emerging professionals and existing members and will remain a continuously evolving, dynamic tool. The information dates back to 1962, where it all began in San Antonio, Texas. From an industry and HPT perspective, the timeline contains information on how ISPI has played, and continues to play, a critical role in defining HPT and principles of workplace performance today. Not only does the timeline cover key Society milestones, but it also describes the history of HPT models, theories, and advancements in practice.

Why Was the Timeline Created?
The idea for the timeline arose from the analysis conducted for the conference committees from 2007 to 2009. This idea was then solidified by the findings of the university analysis done by the EPC in 2010, which concluded that assessing the Society’s past history encourages growth. Since 2010 the EPC has collaborated with the 50th task force and other ISPI members to ensure the timeline highlights the key events in ISPI history. Read our article, “Emerging Professionals Committee: A Commitment to the Future and the Development of the NSPI/ISPI Historical Timeline,” in the Performance Improvement journal for more detailed information about the history of the EPC and creation of the timeline.

Where Can You Find It?
You can check out the interactive timeline at Please note that this timeline is powered by Flash, and, therefore, currently does not work on smart phones.

The timeline continues to grow just as quickly as ISPI does. Each year, current events will be added to maintain an updated, growing list of accomplishments. If you are interested in adding more historical information, please email the EPC at

Special thanks to Margo Murray, Roger Addison, Carol Haig, and Guy Wallace for their expertise, as well as content and quality contributions. Thanks to Miki Lane, Matt Peters, Dawn Papaila, and Luise Schneider for ongoing leadership, support, and guidance for the EPC. Last, thanks to the volunteers of the EPC who continue to grow the vision and future of the Society.

Do not miss out–check out the interactive timeline today!

About the Authors

Jessica Briskin is the content developer for Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc. (ARMS). She collaborates with stakeholders and subject matter experts in the healthcare industry to develop eLearning courses. She also updates existing courses and performs quality assurance checks on newly developed courses. Additionally, Jessica assists in the graphic design of materials and marketing collateral.

Jessica earned her Master of Science degree in Instructional Systems from Pennsylvania State University, and her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, Management and Design from Ithaca College. Jessica has instructional design experience in corporate and educational industries including K-12 and higher education as an Adjunct Instructor. She is a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement and has presented at their Annual Conference. She has also presented at The Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Jessica has been published in TechTrends and PerformanceXpress.

Marci Paino, CPT, is a Learning and Collaboration Manager at Accenture. Paino has been in the industry for several years, working in instructional design and learning consultant roles for companies including Intrepid Learning Solutions, S2 Learning, Karl Storz Endoscopy, and Bank of America with clients ranging from Mercer Outsourcing to Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Experian. She earned her Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation from ISPI, MA in educational technology from San Diego State University and B.S. in organizational communication, learning and design from Ithaca College. Paino has presented for the ISPI annual conference, ISPI DC chapter, and CLO Symposiums. She volunteers for ISPI, serving on several committees, forming the Emerging Professional Committee, and earning the Presidential Citation in 2009 and 2010. Paino writes a blog for Chief Learning Officer magazine, and has published in PerformanceXpress, Performance Improvement Journal and She is also a member of the eLearning Guild.