ISPI announces the composition of the Certification and Accreditation Governance Committee (CAGC) for 2012. Rob Foshay (Committee Chair), Andrea Moore (Committee Vice-Chair and Accreditation Subcommittee Chair), Kathryn Adams (CPT Subcommittee), Vincent Araujo (CAGC Committee and CPT Subcommittee), Holly Burkett (Online Education Subcommittee), Charlotte Chase (CAGC Committee and Online Education Subcommittee Chair), Donna Crisp (CAGC Committee and Accreditation Subcommittee), Sharon Gander (Accreditation Subcommittee), Richard Holman (CAGC Committee), Carol Lynn Judge (CPT Subcommittee), Kery Mortensen (CPT Subcommittee), Pat Rasile (CPT Subcommittee), Jeanne Schehl (Online Education Subcommittee), John Schehl (CAGC Committee and Accreditation Subcommittee), Dawn Snyder (CAGC Committee and CPT Subcommittee Chair), Kathy Telban (Online Education Subcommittee), Kevin Wilson  (Accreditation Subcommittee), Judy Hale serves as the ISPI Board member representative to the CAGC and all subcommittees, Gay Bruhn serves as ISPI staff to the CAGC and the Online Education Subcommittee, Maurie Coleman serves as ISPI staff to the CAGC and the Accreditation and CPT Subcommittees. Don Kirkey, David Hadley, and Char Wells, who have served on the CAGC, are “retiring” from service. We thank them for their contribution.