By Geoff Willcher, Central Florida Chapter

Last December, the Central Florida Chapter shared with us their opening November event. Since then, they have had two successful meetings and leveraged distant learning technology to collaborate with another chapter. If you are attending the Chapter Leaders Workshop (at THE Performance Improvement Conference), you can meet some of the board members and learn more about their successes.

Guy Wallace: Curriculum Architecture Design
The ISPI Central Florida Chapter continues to grow its membership and community outreach to achieve the ISPI mission through the Society’s Guiding Principles.  In January, the chapter enjoyed an inspiring presentation by Guy Wallace on his evidence-based and practice-proven Curriculum Architecture Design methodology. The feedback from the 47 attendees was superb.

Most of the attendees had never attended an ISPI meeting before and were impressed with how practical and useful the presentation was to apply to their professional work or academic pursuits. One industrial and organizational psychology student was thrilled with Guy’s presentation, commenting that this presentation showed “how the real world works with the principles taught at UCF [University of Central Florida].”

Judy Hale and Broadcast to the Hampton Roads Chapter
In March, the chapter hosted Judy Hale. More than 50 people attended including senior leaders from two local ASTD chapters and the continuing professional education director at the top-rated community college in the nation.

Judy talked about “Performance Improvement: Three Ways to Go Beyond the Basics and Get Paid for Your Value,” along with the latest updates to ISPI’s certification and accreditation programs. The reaction from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive and generated great enthusiasm. In addition, the Central Florida Chapter broadcast this meeting to the ISPI Tidewater, VA, area Hampton Roads Chapter where 10 people gathered at Old Dominion University to not only watch, but also submit questions to Judy during her presentation. A response from one of the Hampton Roads participants was, “Too cool!!!!”

Upcoming Presenters: Jack Wolf and Dick Handshaw
The chapter’s next two scheduled speakers are Jack Wolf on May 17 and Dick Handshaw on July 19 at JetBlue University near the Orlando International Airport.

Attending the Chapter Leaders Workshop
The Central Florida Chapter president, president-elect, and VP of Programs and Workshops will be at THE Performance Improvement Conference at Toronto speaking at the Chapter Leaders Workshop sharing their lessons learned from their successes and growing pains as a new chapter to collaborate with other ISPI chapter leaders to learn how all chapters can better fulfill the ISPI mission.

About the Chapter Corner
The Chapter Partnership Committee (CPC) provides chapter news, communications, and resources through this column. Dick Handshaw is the CPC chair. Rose Noxon is the CPC deputy-chair. Dawn Papaila is the ISPI Board liaison. Robin Stimson is the staff liaison. Gary DePaul guest edits the Chapter Corner.

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