The Chicago Chapter has made some big changes, and they are just getting started! Take a look at the chapter’s newly launched website that features:

  • Chapter news
  • Photo gallery
  • Resources
  • Vendor list
  • Job board
  • RSS feeds
  • Video capability (At the time of this article, the chapter embedded a video of Judy Hale on the homepage in which Judy discusses the value of the ISPI Certified Performance Technologist)

The chapter also added a new voicemail system and email addresses. In addition to technology changes, the chapter made some other important enhancements:

  • A new discounted membership level for existing ISPI members
  • A newly 20% reduced price of regular membership
  • Outreach to local colleges and universities

For 2012, the board decided to hold five in-person events lasting between 3 to 8 hours. The chapter’s first event, the 2012 Chicago ISPI World Café and HPT Showcase, occurred February 22 at the Walgreens Headquarters (from 5:30 to 9:00 pm). At this event, the board spotlighted the human performance technology (HPT) work accomplished by Baxter and Walgreens.

Upcoming events include:

  • The Annual Cracker Barrel
  • Chicago e-Learning & Technology Showcase
  • Fall Conference Full-day Workshop
  • Annual Member Event

The chapter plans to host some “lunch-‘n’-learn” virtual events.

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Thank You!
The Chapter Partnership Committee salutes and congratulates the Chicago Board for their service, revitalization, and energy that they bring to their members and guests. Join us in thanking them for their hard work!

The 2012 Chicago Chapter Board

  • Ann Battenfield, CPT, Executive Committee and President
  • Carmen Wheatcroft, Executive Committee and Director
  • Jim Wallace, Executive Committee and Director
  • Rose Pagliari, Executive Committee and Director
  • Becky Lucas, Director
  • Claire Beck, Director
  • Lauren Milantoni, Director
  • Steve Veach, Director
  • Tracee McNeil, Director