Mona BuGhaithWelcome to ISPI’s Organizational Spotlight! This column focuses on our members–some you may know, some you may not. Each month, we will explore what brought them to ISPI, how they use the principles of human performance technology (HPT), and their insights into the value of membership. This month our interview is with Mona BuGhaith, Co-Founder and Executive Manager, EDARA Group.

Does EDARA Group work locally? Nationally? Internationally? Globally? How does your organization approach human performance technology in each of these landscapes? Is it different? How so?

EDARA Group mainly works locally for the time being, but within our strategic plans we will be going regionally. EDARA is participating in increasing the awareness of human performance technology among the private sector organizations in Kuwait. This is done by conducting the training courses that introduce human performance technology for the HR departments and senior staff of companies.

How does EDARA Group adapt to performance improvement needs for today’s variety of generational workforces?

EDARA Group focuses and invests continuously in technology that helps speed up the work accomplishment and keeps training its staff on the latest tools that improve productivity and save the workforce’s time.

How do you use social media in your work? As a resource? As a solution?

We, in EDARA Group, use social media heavily as a solution; it helps our staff to interact with potential customers and the business community.

What is your favorite CPT or HPT story?

The best story I can tell is our first HPT course that was conducted for a number of local investment companies. The union of the investment companies arranged for this training course, and it gave EDARA Group the first steps toward the human performance technology field. Everybody was excited about this training course.

What excites you about ISPI’s work?

It talks about a technology that the local market is very eager to have. All organizations are badly in need for such a systematic approach to improve their workforce productivity and performance.

What types of learning or performance improvement opportunities does EDARA Group offer its employees? Its clients?

As I mentioned previously, we conduct HPT training courses for our clients, all customers are interested in identifying the methodologies to improve the productivity of their employees.

How has EDARA Group’s approach(es) to performance improvement changed over time?

The HR performance technology is applied recently within the short run, but I can say that EDARA Group is monitoring the approaches used to be able to modify these approaches when required and as fast as possible.

What interesting things does EDARA Group do to manage and develop its human capital?

EDARA Group keeps the communication between different levels of staff as high and strong as required to motivate employees and encourage them to commit themselves to higher accomplishment through sharing in the decision-making process.

How does human performance technology add value to EDARA Group? How do you measure its worth and value?

EDARA Group watches results very closely and identifies the outcome of applying human performance technology. The measures mainly are business-oriented measures like achieving sales goals and retaining customers for repeated selling transactions. The demonstration of increased loyalty level is another indicator of the success of our approaches to manage our staff.