ISPI is pleased to announce the winning chapters who submitted nominations for a coveted Award of Excellence. This year, we received an overwhelming response with many more submissions than previous years. We are proud to announce that eight chapters–Armed Forces Chapter, Capella University Chapter, Charlotte Chapter, Michigan Chapter, New Mexico Chapter, Potomac Chapter, San Diego Chapter, and Tampa Bay Chapter–have earned the distinction as Chapters of Excellence this year. The Charlotte Chapter will also receive an Award of Excellence for Communication Product for their newsletter and e-journal. These awards will be bestowed at THE Performance Improvement Conference, Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Chapter Awards of Excellence

Armed Forces Chapter
The Armed Forces ISPI Chapter (AFC-ISPI) is a virtual chapter with more than 125 members who hail from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Afghanistan. AFC-ISPI serves the military, consultants, emergency services, contractors, and others who seek to promote excellence in military training and performance improvement. This past year, the chapter provided monthly webinars that focused on one or more of the 10 Performance Improvement Standards to members at no additional cost in addition to regular newsletters. More than 36% of AFC-ISPI members hold the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation, 10 members served as volunteers on ISPI committees, five members published articles, and 20 members were in attendance at the 2011 THE Performance Improvement Conference. The chapter was also able to offer CPT scholarships to two members in the form of prepaid CPT applications. This is the third year in a row the AFC-ISPI Chapter has received high honors as a Chapter of Excellence–congratulations.

Capella University Chapter
The ISPI-Capella University Chapter is made up of 300 Capella learners, alumni, and faculty who have pioneered ways to forge a virtual chapter out of a group that is not only geographically diverse, but also represents a wide range of organizational cultures, roles, experience, and industries. The chapter decided on a new virtual home on the Capella University “iGuide,” which serves as the portal for all of Capella’s services and programs. This past year, the chapter sponsored a series of special “Featured Discussion” events with leading figures in human performance technology (HPT), such as Allison Rossett, Roger Chevalier, and Ken Silber, using a blend of synchronous and asynchronous approaches. The chapter has also developed other innovative programs to serve the membership, such as a visiting scholar program to match doctoral candidates with alumni who are capable and willing to serve on PhD committees, and special coaching, preparation, and approaches to obtaining the CPT designation with ISPI. All of these programs are managed entirely by member volunteers and leaders with no dues or fees of any kind. Congratulations, Capella University Virtual Chapter, on earning a Chapter of Excellence Award.

Charlotte Chapter
ISPI Charlotte Chapter’s goal this past year was to provide affordable professional development with the top names in HPT. To accomplish its goals, the chapter partnered with Carl Binder, Louis Csoka, Margo Murray, Clare Cary, Mary Norris-Thomas, Jeanne Farrington, and Bill Daniels and delivered 90-minute evening programs to members and guests. The chapter also conducted three full-day workshops with Carl Binder, Margo Murray, and Bill Daniels. In addition to bimonthly programming, the Charlotte Chapter produces a bimonthly newsletter and a journal where members can publish their HPT articles alongside those written by other ISPI luminaries. The chapter reserves an end-of-year program to enable members to present, which included a “99 Seconds” session and a “Cracker Barrel” event. Several members of the chapter who attend the University of North Carolina Charlotte participated in the University Case Competition at this past year’s conference. Congratulations to the Charlotte Chapter for earning recognition as a Chapter of Excellence.

Michigan Chapter
The ISPI Michigan Chapter has a history of excellence due to a steady stream of engaged professionals who make it a priority to contribute time and talent for a few years (or more!). The chapter offers opportunities to network, build competencies, and increase professional credibility. For the last two years, the chapter has aligned all of the programs around a competency model covering topics on analysis, intervention, measurement and evaluation, and share and practice skills. After each program, the chapter collects rapid feedback on 3×5 cards that participants complete to efficiently evaluate the outcome of the event, which is critical to their continuous improvement process. To facilitate networking, the chapter uses a “Lunch Buddies” program that pairs up attendees who drop in their business card to be matched at the conclusion of the program with the understanding that that the pair commit to a future lunch or coffee date. Last, the chapter holds drawings for $25 gift cards at the end of each meeting. Congratulations, Michigan Chapter, for excelling this year as a Chapter of Excellence.

NewMexico Chapter
The New Mexico Chapter, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides business professionals working in the field of HPT with affordable professional development opportunities that align with ISPI’s HPT standards. Chapter programs are designed to focus on tools and skills and knowledge development from local professionals in the field of performance improvement. We salute the New Mexico Chapter as a 2012 ISPI Chapter of Excellence.

Potomac Chapter
Founded in 1962 and a host of four International conferences, the ISPI Potomac Chapter hosts monthly presentations on various aspects of human performance improvement, a full-day interactive workshop, and programs that encourage members to receive their CPT credential. The chapter partners with other local learning and organizational development associations on two events each year. And, the chapter makes available all webinar and video recordings and supplemental materials from the year’s events online. In addition, the chapter recruits members and promotes programs to local educational institutions and helps its members find positions with its member-only Position Referral Service. This is the fifth year the Potomac Chapter has received recognition as a Chapter of Excellence.

San Diego Chapter
The San Diego Chapter was tasked with revitalizing itself after a difficult few years prompted by the economic downturn, leadership changes, and stagnant programming. Using ISPI’s HPT model, the chapter created a strategic plan at the beginning of the year to change directions and grow. New chapter leadership set consistent times and locations for monthly events and board meetings, and focused their energies on two important goals each month. They increased membership from 10 to 63 members in one year, found a new professional meeting space at National University, conducted regular monthly programs with several nationally recognized speakers, built a new web presence with greater functionality, built an online repository for archived resources for members, and submitted an article within the PerformanceXpress’ Chapter Corner. Congratulations, San Diego, for your efforts worthy of an ISPI Chapter of Excellence Award.

Tampa Bay Chapter
The Tampa Bay Chapter faced challenges this past year as result of the downturn. The board responded by making several changes to the way they run the chapter and created value-added events to make membership even more valuable. This past year, they enhanced their website, automated their membership drive, and conducted monthly programming. The Tampa chapter added three new board members to support chapter activities, obtained corporate sponsorship, and obtained a new hosting site for events at no cost. The chapter partnered with the local ASTD chapter to provide two events as a joint offering, and supported ISPI by recruiting chapter members to volunteer at THE Performance Improvement Conference held in Orlando. Finally, the chapter raised awareness at a local private university by offering coaching for recruiting and interviewing of graduate students and presenting at job fairs. The changes to chapter infrastructure and operating processes have resulted in fewer administrative tasks for the board, greater autonomy for members, and more consistency in the services and networking opportunities offered to the Tampa Bay community of professionals. We congratulate the Tampa Chapter for their Chapter of Excellence Award.

Award of Excellence—Chapter Communication Product

The Charlotte Chapter was selected as an honoree of the ISPI Award of Excellence for Chapter Communication Product for their bimonthly chapter newsletter, Performance Improvement in the Piedmont, and yearly Journal, Performance Charlotte. In keeping with the Charlotte Chapter’s mission to provide professional development in evidence-based practice, the chapter is committed to providing HPT content to help members enhance their knowledge and skills via its chapter newsletter and chapter journal.

Performance Improvement in the Piedmont is published on alternating months and includes up to two articles from each of upcoming speakers who are interviewed in advance of the evening program. This tactic enables the chapter to accomplish program marketing and meet communications and educational goals. Each newsletter also provides profiles of several chapter members to facilitate networking beyond attendance at evening programs and day-long workshops.

Performance Charlotte provides articles on HPT-related content from longtime, established ISPI members, and it gives emerging and local professionals an opportunity to get published as part of their professional development. ISPI luminaries who have participated in the journal thus far include Allison Rossett, Judy Hale, Harold Stolovitch, Don Tosti, Carol Panza, Dale Brethower, and Guy Wallace. Both the newsletter and journal are available at no cost to both members and non-members as the chapter seeks the widest possible audience for both promoting evidence-based practices via the chapter itself.  Congratulations, Charlotte, for your innovation in communicating about performance improvement.