We all get periodic checkups with our physicians and get dental health checks a couple of times a year. But what about a health checkup for your organization’s human performance?

Now is your chance. You can take 10 minutes to complete a survey online and, if you choose, receive the full results to see how you compare with other companies.

The HPT Health Index survey is sponsored by the Iago Group (an ISPI member) and located at www.iagogroup.com/research.asp.

The survey is completely anonymous and, if you choose to provide an email address, a copy of the survey results will be sent to you. Your email will not be published, and the final report will not contain any names of survey participants or companies.

Further, the results will be presented at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2012 in Toronto in April during David Wile’s educational session Saturday, April 21, entitled “Why Doers Do: 15 Years Wiser.”

So, take 10 minutes, complete the survey, and discover how healthy (or not) your human performance really is, compared to your peers.