By John Graves and Shannon Milton

As a full-service healthcare company established in 1988, Maxim Healthcare Services has extensive experience providing home health, medical staffing, and wellness services in communities nationwide. In 2009 the organization brought aboard its first chief executive officer. The new CEO committed himself to improving the overall performance of Maxim by implementing a new:

  1. Organizational structure
  2. Mission, vision, and values statement
  3. Communications initiative

Organizational Structure
The new structure incorporated the addition of three executive level roles to enhance organizational alignment. Organizing the right people in the right place is an essential component of developing a sound organizational design.

Mission, Vision, Values
How can value be added to an organization both internally and externally? The establishment of a new mission, vision, and values statement provides a strategic roadmap for such a journey. The mission informs us of what we should be doing today; the vision is the long-term big picture point of view; and the values illustrate how to get there. Our new CEO established a high-level strategic direction and overall goals for the company, with a new mission, vision, and values statement focused on improving the organization from both an internal and external perspective. The values are true to the spirit of the organization and a constant reminder of how we will continuously improve. The new values for Maxim Healthcare are:

R–Respect and Compassion

E–Enterprising Work Ethic

S–Service Excellence

P–Passion and Professionalism

E–Ethical Behavior and Integrity

C–Continuous Growth and Improvement

T–Teamwork and Partnership

In addition to these values, there is a company intranet site dedicated to documenting testimonials from clients who receive our services. Each testimonial is linked to the organization’s values and provides us with evidence that as an organization we are moving in the right direction.

Communications Initiative
The CEO implemented a communications initiative during the second quarter of 2011. He hosts a monthly conference call for all internal employees entitled The Exchange. The purpose is to provide a medium for open and honest dialog regarding company updates. Topics have included the organization’s strategy, organizational alignment, and employee promotions and how they support the strategic direction of the company. The calls provide a consistent avenue for employees to engage with the company’s CEO and ask questions regarding changes in the organization.

“Organizations fulfill a purpose in society, and the ways in which each is structured must be balanced with the circumstances of its existence and aligned to its purpose” (Leigh and Lollie, 2010). To learn more about the organizational design and realignment of a specific department within this organization, in addition to receiving practical tips and resources to assist you with a similar initiative, please attend the session titled “Organizational Shift: Elevating Training to Talent Development” at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2012 in Toronto.

Leigh, H., and Lollie, S. (2010). Organizational restructuring. In D. Leigh and R. Watkins (Eds.), Handbook of Performance in the Workplace, Volume Two: Selecting and Implementing Performance Intervention, (177–195). San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

About the Authors

John Graves is a performance improvement consultant with Maxim Healthcare Services. His responsibilities include providing consultative and direct support to internal business units by analyzing operational issues to determine their root cause. He previously served as the assistant director of Campus Center Operations at Elon University, where he restructured the department to enhance operational effectiveness by including functional area teams. He co-presented “Keys to Effective Change” at THE Performance Improvement Conference in 2011.
Shannon Milton currently works for Maxim Healthcare Services as a performance improvement consultant. Her primary objective within this role is to systematically assess needs for the staffing division and recommend solutions and interventions. She has worked within the Training and Development department for 13 years and was a co-presenter of “Keys to Effective Change” at THE Performance Improvement Conference in 2011.