By Dawn Papaila

In April, ISPI will celebrate our 50-year anniversary by convening in Toronto, Canada, for THE Performance Improvement Conference. This is a golden opportunity for ISPI chapter members to learn from the thought leaders in our industry and to consider the conference presentations that might be of interest to your local members.

You are also invited to pre-register for the Chapter Partnership Committee’s (CPC) annual Chapter Leaders’ Workshop (CLW). This year, we will introduce you to a new set of resources that make developing and sustaining an ISPI chapter easy! This kit, called the “Chapter in a Box,” includes all the resources and information required to set up an ISPI chapter and includes easy-to-use website templates and an inexpensive web hosting solution with online member registration and e-commerce for the collection of dues and fees.

Although the CLW requires pre-registration, there is no additional charge for chapter members. Attendance includes a private lunch with the President and the Directors of ISPI. You will also get to meet the CPC chairperson and deputy chairperson, Dick Handshaw and Rose Noxon, PhD, CPT.

Dick has done a tremendous job over the past year as the CPC committee chair. His accomplishments include designing and overseeing the development of the Chapter in a Box and the Wild Apricot chapter website templates. He is personally coaching several new, forming, and existing chapters including:

  • Central Florida Chapter in Orlando, FL–Tim Brock, president
  • San Diego–Kathleen Borsos-Wooley, president (San Diego is a 2012 Awards of Excellence recipient)
  • A formed chapter in Tennessee

Rose will be inducted as the 2012/13 CPC chair at the conference and her focus for the CPC will be on fostering new chapters and mentoring existing chapters. Under Rose’s guidance, the CPC will work with new chapters to help them get established and to set a strategy for their success. Established chapters will utilize the CPC to share ideas regarding new program services and how to improve existing programs. Additionally, Rose is excited about introducing a new Chapter Mentoring program that will enhance communication between ISPI chapters as well as with the central ISPI organization.

Rose is currently searching for past chapter presidents that may want to join her on the CPC next year.  Contact her if you think you might be interested:

Chapters extend the visibility and reach of the ISPI brand, and the ISPI brand gives our chapters credibility. That is why the ISPI Board encourages ISPI members to join and attend their local chapter and the CPC encourages chapter members to join ISPI.

Just visit our Chapter Network page on the ISPI website to locate a chapter nearest you (either geographically or virtually). If there is not one, then request information about how to start a new chapter by contacting Robin Stimson at 301.587.8570 x 109 and