Recently, ISPI was contacted by a CPT working on recertification inquiring as to why the HPT Book Club started by Dr. Ryan Watkins was not in the list of Tips for No/Low Cost Continuing Education Points. After doing a little research, the Director of Certification instituted the following: If you read the selected book and participate in the book club telephone conference call, you will earn 3 credit points toward recertification. The majority of books discussed are either staples on your bookshelf or under $30 to purchase. Additionally, the opportunity to discuss the contents of the book with notables such as Dr. Watkins, Dr. Pershing, and Dr. Stolovitch to name a few of the participants is very hard to put a price tag on. Dr. Watkins has also started a “Research Articles Club” where you can earn a point per article. Now, you can’t earn all your points doing book and article reviews, you still must participate in other activities like courses, workshops, and webinars, but it is good to see your reading recognized too. If you are interested in learning more about the clubs, visit and click on the “Groups/Clubs” link or e-mail