Whether you want to cultivate your expertise or gain exposure to a new concept or technology, THE Performance Improvement Conference, April 18-23, 2012, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, offers a wide range of educational opportunities that provide valuable insights to performance improvement professionals who wish to expand their skill set and knowledge base.  

Choose from 45 concurrent 90-minute educational sessions grouped along seven tracks: Analysis; Business of HPT; Instructional Interventions; Measurement & Evaluation; Organizational Design Interventions; Process or Tool Interventions; and Research to Practice.  Each session is highly interactive, offering participants valuable information and takeaways. The sessions will be scheduled during four time slots from Saturday to Monday.

Listed below is a sampling of educational sessions to look forward to:


  • The Beauty of Sub-Outputs in Performance Analysis
    Carl Binder, CPT, PhD, Co-Founder, The Performance Thinking Network
  • Models and Tools for Performance Analysis
    Roger Chevalier, CPT, PhD, Principal, Improving Workplace Performance

Business of HPT

  • When the Tough Get Going–Consulting to Difficult Clients
    Alan Ramias, Partner, Performance Design Lab
  • HPT in Real Life: An Interactive Simulation
    Patricia S. Radakovich, CPT, CPLP, President/Performance Consultant, SHARK Consulting Group

Instructional Interventions

  • Under Pressure: How to Improve Time-To-Proficiency and Get Positive Results–Fast!
    Annette Kiper, Manager, Training and Design, Egencia, Expedia, Inc., Kyle Russell, Manager, User Experience Research, Egencia, Expedia, Inc., and Amy Bowers, Senior Curriculum Designer, Egencia, Expedia, Inc.
  • Learning@Lowe’s: From Transactional to Transformational
    Donald L. Kirkey, Director, Learning Strategy & Operations, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness, Lowe’s Companies, Inc., Eileen Banchoff, CPT, PhD, President, Banchoff Associates, Inc., and Lisa Toenniges, CPT, Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Learning Group, Inc.

Measurement and Evaluation

  • ROI Basics
    Patti Phillips, CPT, PhD, President & CEO, ROI Institute, Inc.
  • Are Your Performance Data Worthwhile or Worthless?
    Ingrid Guerra-Lopez, PhD, Associate Professor Director, Institute for Learning & Performance Improvement, Wayne State University, and Mary Norris Thomas, CPT, PhD, CEO, The Fleming Group, LLC

Organizational Design Interventions

  • City Doctors: Applying HPT to Turn Around Colon City, Panama
    Mariano Bernardez, CPT, PhD, PII Institute, and Roger Kaufman, CPT, PhD, PII Institute
  • Leaders, Get Your Teams Ready to Feedback!
    Sonia Di Maulo, Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast, Harvest Performance

Process or Tool Interventions

  • Smarter Meetings: Engage Everyone, Get More Done
    Bob Wiele, President & Founder, OneSmartWorld, and Pam August, Organizational Development Specialist, WestJet Airlines
  • Achieving Unimaginable Performance: New Science for Affirmative Leadership
    William Seidman, PhD, CEO, Cerebyte, Inc. and Rick Grbavac, Vice President, Account Management, Cerebyte, Inc.

Research to Practice

  • Where the Performance Issues Are–and Are Not
    James A. Marken, PhD Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University, and Timothy J. Quiram, Deputy Director PTC, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Financial, Social, Human Capital? No, Psychological Capital!
    Scott Casad, LCDR, U.S. Coast Guard

Register online or download the registration form.  For more information, see schedule of conference events.