ISPI’s Masters Series presenters are selected by President Judith Hale, CPT, PhD, and represent our worldwide reach and focus on what ISPI members are doing to build capacity in other countries and organizations. Speakers represent Macedonia, Chile, Ghana, China, Germany, and Canada.

Transforming Transitioning Societies by Improving Performance
How do you make an impact on transitioning societies? What does it take to help organizations produce results in a donor-funded context? What are some of the unique features of performance improvement work in a development context? Join this session to hear how World Learning supported organizations in improving their performance in Macedonia and a number of other countries around the world.

Participants will be able to describe:

  • Factors of success of performance improvement efforts in public and non-for-profit sectors
  • Results of HPT work in the development context: organization and society level
  • Ways and areas of involvement of ISPI members in World Learning performance improvement work worldwide

As a Chief of Party for World Learning office in Macedonia, over the past four years Valbona Morina Maksut, CPT, has been responsible for supervising performance improvement projects at Macedonian partner organizations. She has 16 years of experience in the area of development work in Macedonia and the Balkans region. Prior to joining World Learning, Valbona worked as head of education department with Catholic Relief Services in Macedonia. In 2011, she served on the ISPI EMEA conference committee.


Improving Performance in Latin America

Most leaders and workplace professionals in Latin America are unaware of “our” method to improve results and solve people’s problems. They learn RSVP principles with curiosity and ADDIE steps with expectation. Local corporations, multinationals, associations, and non-for-profit organizations in Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile are adopting HPT. This session will share real cases to exemplify what is adopted earlier and more easily, what takes longer and is harder, and explore reasons behind it?

Ivan D. Cortes, CPT, is Founder and Managing Partner of Use Ideas LLC in Florida and Seven Performance Improvement Consulting Ltda. in Santiago de Chile serving bank, insurance, consumer health and food products, medical and office equipment, manufacturing, telecommunication, non‐for‐profit, and governmental organizations. He is a guest professor in Chile Universidad Adolfo Ibanez and in Colombia Universidad de los Andes and Universidad de la Sabana INALDE’s MBA program. Ivan’s clients have included: Citibank, Banamex, WWB, BCP, Seguros Bolivar, Royal Sun Alliance RSA, Zurich, Unilever, Bavaria‐SAB Miller, Propal, Xerox, Millipore, and Siemens. He was VP of Performance Improvement for Citibank Latin America for sales effectiveness and human performance improvement projects for 8 years in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Challenges and Breakthroughs of Practicing HPT in Ghana, West Africa: Aligning Culture, Work, and the Workforce to Improve Business Outcome
Attempting to apply the fundamental tenets of Human Performance Technology  in a developing country such as Ghana, West Africa where dictatorship and authoritarian leadership dominated the country for 19 years was very difficult. Projects almost failed because the approach as a facilitator and a partner in performance consulting was not welcomed initially. Clients viewed a performance consultant as one who comes in and solves problems without their involvement, negating the Partnership/Collaboration principle of HPT. However, with perseverance and trust in the HPT process, success was achieved. Come and discover how to transform entrenched attitudes and mindsets to desired behavior, where clients embrace HPT practice.

Janet A. Annan, CPT, MEd, consults internationally in human performance improvement and organizational development. She is the Principal of Excel Human Capital Consultancy, an organizational development and human performance improvement firm. Utilizing her extensive skills and experience in business management and human resource development, Janet consults with elite companies, and collaborates with business executives to guide them through complex organizational performance issues to effectively manage daily business activities, while activating employees towards enhanced work productivity. Prior to starting her consulting firm, she worked in well-known national retail and sales organizations, and held management and director level positions in business management and human resources.

Treasure Hunt!
Phil Kirby knows HPT. For over 20 years, he’s been applying Deming’s PDCA with incredible results–using an unconventional approach. He’ll show you how to think like a treasure hunter, see with process eyes, and discover the hidden wealth that drives productivity. Phil will take you on Treasure Hunts with some blue-chip Canadian companies, such as Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire that will demonstrate how HPT is revolutionizing productivity.

As Founder (1991) and Managing Director of Organization Thoughtware International Inc., Philip Kirby draws on his extensive international experience to assist enterprises in re-thinking and redesigning their business processes to generate better value. He and his team are currently working on projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has worked with executive boards, corporate officers, and senior management as well as shop floor and front & back office supervisors and operators on organization change strategies as a facilitator, teacher and consultant. Prior to founding his current consulting business, Philip spent 13 years in the real world of manufacturing as a front-line Plant and Product Manager and General Manager of fully integrated engineering, marketing, supply chain, and manufacturing operations.

Information on our speakers from China and Germany coming soon!