This month’s contributor: The Central Florida Chapter (ISPI-CFC) Board

Please welcome ISPI’s newest chapter, Central Florida, and congratulate them on their successful opening event! JetBlue hosted the event, An Experiential Learning Event Showcasing Human Performance Technology in Action.

ISPI’s Central Florida Chapter (ISPI-CFC) officially launched with an experiential learning event featuring JetBlue University as a showcase of local excellence in performance improvement. The chapter hosted 156 attendees that represented more than 55 organizations in Central Florida including:

  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Education
  • Information technology
  • Private companies
  • Corporations

These organizations were welcomed by over 30 JetBlue University faculty members and 10 volunteers from Beacon College and the University of Central Florida during a 30-minute networking reception which included JetBlue’s in-flight refreshments. Attendees were then addressed by ISPI-CFC’s president, Tim Brock, and JetBlue University’s Vice President, Warren Christie. The main event of the evening was six simultaneous 60-minute tours of the training facilities including presentations by subject matter experts in five topic areas such as flight simulator training and how ISPI standards are incorporated into the University’s training for all crewmembers.

Central Florida Chapter Event

“While aligning with ISPI’s dedication on improving productivity and performance in the workplace, the Central Florida Chapter has set its mission to provide affordable professional development in the Human Performance Technology Standards from nationally recognized thought leaders and practitioners,” said Tim Brock, CPT, PhD, founding president of ISPI-CFC.

The Central Florida Chapter has plans to offer events and workshops during January, March, May, July, and September of every year. Additionally, every November, a local organization will showcase Human Performance Technology in Action in an event similar to the one just held.

“JetBlue University (JBU) is the training and development department for JetBlue Airways. Its mission is to prepare crewmembers for exceptional career success at JetBlue,” said Warren Christie, vice president of JetBlue University during his address to the group.  He then summarized JetBlue’s vision, values, culture, and offerings, before sending attendees off on their guided tours of the JBU state-of-the-art corporate university housed in a three-story blue building near Orlando International Airport.

Many of the guests had enthusiastic comments about the evening’s event:

“[The JetBlue tour] was a great display of how to develop great customer service by utilizing human performance technology in a corporation.”—Brenda Stefanisko, Director of Admissions, Beacon College

 “The instructors explained their instructional strategy as situated learning. While it is necessary [for] a JetBlue pilot to be involved in designing pilot training, they do hire instructional designers for other curriculum development. They have hired several UCF grads!”
—UCF Graduate Student

“The event was fantastic. We met a lot of great professionals and [members from] other universities, who are in the profession, and we then had a tour of JetBlue University’s training facilities. It really showed us the technology in “Instructional Technology”. From computers to massive simulator pods made out of the front end of a plane, it was a[n] enlightening experience. The simulators are Class 5, so pilots can log in their flight hours on these simulators.”
—UCF Graduate Student

“I have done similar things according to the ten HPT standards. I really want to know more about HPT.”
—Central Florida Professional

 “Thank you for providing such a great opportunity. It is the first time for me to participate in this kind of event directly related to our field. Great experience. Now I am planning to join ISPI.”
—UCF Graduate Student

As of November 17, 2011, 45 active members joined ISPI-CFC and more are expected because of this event based on conversations with attendees. This Chapter is grateful for the generous guidance and consultation on chapter development by two leaders at ISPI’s Charlotte, NC chapter–Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD,  VP of Nominations & Elections, and Dick Handshaw, former Founding President. ISPI-CFC was also thrilled to have the following distinguished visitors in attendance at the Kickoff Event:

  • Atsusi Hirumi, PhD – Associate Professor,  Department of Educational and Human Sciences, College of Education, University of Central Florida
  • Barbara Fritzsche, PhD – Associate Professor and Director of the Industrial/Organizational Master’s of Science Program, Department of Psychology, College of Sciences, University of Central Florida
  • Bonnie LeFoley – Director of Marketing, Beacon College
  • Brenda Stefanisko – Director of Admissions, Beacon College
  • Jack Wolf, CPT, PhD – Adjunct Faculty at Coles College of Business; Senior Partner at Lifelong Learning Partners
  • Tom R. Atkinson, PhD – Assistant Professor, Department of Educational and Human Sciences, College of Education, University of Central Florida
  • Walt Zielinski, III, PhD – Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Beacon College
  • Warren Christie – Vice President of JetBlue University

ISPI-CFC is excited to have the talents of Board members and chapter members from many industries including: aviation, commercial training, hospitality, local universities, healthcare, defense, and traditional ISD contractors.  It was a true team effort from diverse industries across Central Florida.