This week’s contributor: Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD

The Program Placemat
In 2005, a custom placement was created for the Chapter Leaders Workshop (CLW). Its purpose is to provide a large work space for program participants to add notes relating the content of the program to various components of HPT. The placemat includes the following sections:

  • Human performance technology (HPT) model
  • HPT Principles (also known as the CPT Standards)
  • Code of Ethics
  • Application: Typically at the end of a program, you will want to discuss how participants will apply the program’s contents to their work. On the placemat, you can have participants write ideas on how they would do this
  • Upcoming program: This is your opportunity to advertise your next event

Customization Ideas
You can customize the placemat to meet your program’s needs. Here are some examples:

  • Change this from a one-sided page to a two-sided page. You can move the HPT model, HPT Principles, and the Code of Ethics to one side and use the other side for program notes.
  • Add more heading sections. You can remove the “Notes” heading and add several headings to align with your program’s agenda.
  • Expand your upcoming programs. Instead of just listing the next program, list all upcoming events including any board meetings that are open to members (especially annual strategy meetings). If your chapter has awards, list when these will occur and how to apply.
  • Recruit volunteers. Do you need new board or committee members? Advertise your need.
  • Promote your sponsors and members. Have a section that recognizes sponsors and contributing members (or regular attending members). Ensure that those being recognized know in advance and give their permission.

Expanding the concept
You can use the placemat concept for other types of events. For example, you can use a custom version for board meetings and for annual planning meetings. You can use the placemat to reference past decisions, guiding chapter principles, or even highlight priority items from the Chapter Affiliation Agreement.

Closing Comments
As stated above, you can find job aids and other important files on the ISPI website under Chapter Resources. Let us know what you think! Leave your comments, and we will try to incorporate your feedback. As always, thanks to all our chapters for what you do for ISPI and your local communities!

If you would like to share something that your chapter has successfully implemented, contact to contribute.

About the Chapter Corner
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