Geary RummlerISPI is proud to announce the Geary Rummler Award for the Advancement of Performance Improvement. The Rummler Award recognizes individuals or organizations that espouse Geary’s performance improvement work ethic with demonstrated result. The ISPI Advocates teamed with Geary’s family to develop the award criteria. By acknowledging the innovative work of practitioners who are raising the bar for performance results in organizations, ISPI honors the memory of Geary Rummler. The deadline for submissions is November 4, 2011.

This award was established in honor of Geary Rummler, a lifetime member, significant supporter, and valued contributor to ISPI and the profession. It is awarded to individuals or organizations that have demonstrated and reflect the work and life of Geary. The award honors his legacy and advancement of both human performance technology (HPT) and ISPI’s principles and practices.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Outstanding thought leader, recognizing thought leadership
  • Outstanding performance in “adding value”
  • Outstanding documented results
  • Selfless sharing
  • General attributes

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