ISPI EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) invites you to join us in Skopje, Macedonia for our 9th conference, Transforming Performance Challenges into Opportunities in an Environment of Continuous Change on September 22-24, 2011!

Active… Interactive… Participative…
You need to be there to benefit from this uniquely valuable learning, sharing event. Furthermore, only you can contribute your unique perspective to the very real, very important topic that we all face and that is the theme for the 9th ISPI EMEA conference.

All organizations everywhere face a common reality. Large or small, successful or struggling, profit making or not for profit… continuous change from a dynamic external operating environment is the reality facing all organizations. Within that external operating environment, the local marketplace, regional and global economy and, ultimately, society at large, all play a role. And, no organization can afford to merely maintain the status quo, to just relax, hope for the best and operate as is. The environment is continuously changing and organizations must maintain an ongoing focus both on the external marketplace and on identifying internal performance challenges to be systematically transformed into valuable improvements.

ISPI EMEA conferences have always offered participants a unique experience and the opportunity for a great return on their investment of time, personal skills and resources to attend. In any given year, there are many conferences offered with big name speakers and interesting, relevant topics. And those global conference offerings, include increasing numbers of those whose lecture intensive format makes it practical to attend virtually or, even, to achieve many of the benefits of those who attended in person by reading white papers and other records of the proceedings after the fact. ISPI EMEA conferences, on the other hand, provide a genuine incentive for in-person attendance, which is greater than their appealingly intimate size and truly international nature.

Features, such as a simulation, based on a real case, that runs throughout our conferences, forms a “safe,” fun opportunity to apply skills and knowledge and to get to know fellow conference participants by working together. Read below for more information on the simulation, including the client (who will participate directly!) for the case on which it’s based. Another unique feature, our senior executive panel, provides a rare window into the thoughts of senior executives, i.e., people who lead organizations. We are delighted to introduce (below) one of the impressive, award winning senior executives you will meet in Skopje. Therefore, as with past conferences, this one promises to attract high quality professionals for an innovative and highly participative event. You won’t want to miss actually being there for the 2011 ISPI EMEA, Skopje conference.

Dieder SchottIn addition to the simulation and the executive panel, we will once again host a compelling keynote speaker. Visit our blog at to learn more about Mr. Didier Schott, HR Processes & Systems Director at Schlumberger and a description of the presentation he plans to share. There will also be great presenters, from 8 countries, offering sessions covering a range of important performance improvement topics; short presentations on performance improvement topics delivered in a casual roundtable format, and a special evening event, during which we will tour the ancient and lovely city of Skopje after which we will enjoy dinner together.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts
A conference should be more than its programs and presenters. In fact, our conference participants have always been every bit as much a part of the total learning experience, as our compelling presenters. Therefore, we invite forward thinking professionals, with a global perspective on performance, to join us in Skopje. We invite YOU to contribute your unique ideas, experiences and point of view as an active, involved conference participant. Following is a description of the exciting new simulation that will form the core of the 2011 ISPI EMEA conference, an introduction to one of our senior executive panelists and, finally, a sample of the session topics that will be able to choose from in Skopje, and a few words about the beautiful host city of Skopje, Macedonia.

Simulation Case Study
An original simulation, based on a real organization within its marketplace/operating reality, which forms the centerpiece for each conference, is an ISPI EMEA tradition. And, it’s a tradition that adds a great deal to the value of these learning/sharing events. This year in Macedonia we plan to make the experience even better. This year, representatives of the actual client, the Minister of the Economy of Macedonia, along with two of his staff members, will participate directly in the simulation! That is, for the first time in ISPI EMEA conference history, the participants will have the rare and valuable opportunity to work on a real case study, presented by the actual client. The Minister of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia will ask conference participants to 1) develop and present their recommended approach (and work plan) for a project aimed at specifying performance-improvement opportunities at the Ministry. Teams will, furthermore, be asked to 2) describe how and why their recommended approach will result in a clear, comprehensive, effective and results-focused set of improvement opportunities, including findings and recommendations.

Consultant teams will have the opportunity to “scope” the project opportunity, presented by the Minister and his team, during a question and answer session with them in the first session on the first day of the conference. Also available to answer questions from all teams, in the same session in the morning of Day 1 of the conference, will be role players representing Media “clients” and Business “clients” of the Ministry. Throughout the conference agenda, there will be time slots for teams to work together on the case study. And, teams will be able to submit additional questions, which will be considered, with answers to questions posted publicly for the benefit of all teams as they prepare their presentations, which will be delivered during the final conference session to the Minister, as well as Ministry staff members and client representatives.

Introducing the Minister of the Economy
Fatmir BesimiFatmir Besimi, PhD, is leading the Macedonia Ministry of Economy for the second time. The first time was in the period from December 2004 to July 2006. In 2008, he was again elected and continues to be a member of the current Macedonian government. Dr. Besimi, who earned his PhD at Staffordshire University/UK in 2007, is a high energy professional with high standards and a strong desire to produce value for both the country of Macedonia and its citizens.

In 2010, Dr. Besimi achieved membership in the elite company of “best young global leaders” and is one of three European Ministers for 2010 that standout, recognized for their professional achievements, exceptional leadership capabilities and dedication to society, by the World Economic Forum.

His academic engagements include teaching post-graduate studies at the South East European University, as a member of the Faculty of Economics at the State University in Tetovo, as well as teaching Modern Science Courses at RIIVEST University in Prishtina.

Dr. Besimi is the author of the book, “Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in Macedonia: Accession to the European Union” as well as a large number of articles and working papers in the field of Economics, Development, Transition Economies and Monetary Economics.

Senior Executive Panel
Participants at the Skopje conference will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with a panel of senior executives. We are delighted to be able to introduce the first of three panelists, a successful female executive, who has been recognized in Macedonia, and throughout the region, for her exceptional abilities and results.

Valentina TasevaValentina Taseva is Managing Director of Semos Education, co owner of three companies, holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and is a Certified Management Consultant. She is an outstanding professional and a business leader with 14 years experience in the top executive and management role at Semos Education.

As a result of her long-term efforts in developing IT education in Macedonia and the region, Ms. Taseva is the 2011 first prize recipient of the award, “Women in Business – Outstanding Achievements in the Industry”, which is granted every year by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Semos Education is the first and the biggest IT education center in Macedonia with annual growth of 30%, over 54% market share, 14 full time, 41 part time employees and sustainable plans for a bright future.

Sample Concurrent Session Topics
Visit the ISPI EMEA blog at for a listing of all concurrent sessions, including a brief description of the session and a short bio for each presenter/ facilitator. Below are selected topics:

  • The Seven Stupid Things People Do When They Do Strategic Plannng
    Roger Kaufman, CPT, PhD
  • Why Do People Resist Change and What to Do About It
    Dr. Anthony Marker, PhD, LEED AP
  • Performance Architecture: Integrating Workers, Work Workplace and the World
    Dr. Roger M. Addison, CPT
  • Measuring Results of Strategies for Change in Challenging Environments
    Margo Murray, MBA, CPT
  • Go with the flow or challenge the change
    Dipl-Ing. Roland Lehle, PMP
  • New HPT Models: Helping to Improve Administration Capacity of Governmental Organizations (GO)
    lhan Varank, Associate Professor of educational technology at Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
  • Performance Driven Project Management (PDPM)
    Timm J. Esque, Partner, Ensemble Management Consulting, Steven J Kelly, M.A., CPT, KNO Worldwide, M. Mari Novak, M.A., CPT, KNO Worldwide
  • Separating Juice from Pulp: The Art of Squeezing Experts
    Edward W. Schneider, PhD, CPT
  • If you can’t map it, are you really ready to transform it?
    Carol M. Panza, MBA, CPT, CMP Associates, Christine Marsh, CPT, Prime Objectives
  • How to Translate Strategic Decisions into Adequate Organizational Structures
    Klaus D. Wittkuhn, CPT, President, Performance Design International

Explore Skopje and Experience the Taste of Macedonia
Join us in one of the most unique cities in the Balkans: Skopje, the city that blends many cultures and civilizations, from ancient to Byzantine, from Ottoman to modern; the only place where one can find shiny modern hotels above cobblestone Ottoman streets, red-bricked Byzantine churches beside rounded Turkish mosques, stately neoclassical homes right around the corner from grand old Yugoslav-era and brand new buildings.

Come and taste the sunny Macedonia wine, the extraordinary mixture of oriental and traditional dishes, feel the sound of the zurla and the beat of the drums in the steps of the most difficult male dance!

The Board and Conference Committee of ISPI EMEA together with our host/partner, World Learning, look forward to meeting and working with you in Macedonia!!

Book your place now for September 22 – 24, 2011: Click here to register online or  download the registration form. Please note, Early Bird Registration pricing has been extended to August 15, 2011.

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