Dawn PapailaIn last month’s issue, Judy Hale explained that ISPI is moving from survival mode into a period of strong growth. She also explained that our financial ratios demonstrate that ISPI is running too lean. As liaison to the Chapter Partnership Committee (CPC), I will share how this relates to our strategic goals surrounding ISPI Chapters.

There are three measurements on ISPI’s performance dashboard that relate to Chapters:

  • The number of active Chapters
  • The number of Chapter members who are also Society members
  • The number of Society members who are also Chapter members

We have seen steady gains in each of these areas over the past year and, as many of you know, we have considered moving to “One Society” as a tactic to support further growth.

Last year, the One Society Task Force led by Gary Craig completed their analysis and recommended that we add a staff position dedicated to Chapter Relations. The Board agreed with this recommendation and approved the hiring of an administrative assistant in order to open up time for current staff to focus on chapters.

What we can do immediately to increase support for Chapters is to create a comprehensive ISPI Chapter start-up kit (sometimes referred to as a “Chapter in the Box”). Due to the success of the “Charlotte Story” (See Charlotte Startup Story under Chapter Resources), we have asked Dick Handshaw to review the Chapter resources that presently exist, determine what is missing, and propose a system that will support the creation of new Chapters.

Dick also has agreed to serve as the Chair of the Chapter Partnership Committee (CPC), and has committed to a self-prescribed goal of creating 10 new chapters prior to our April conference in Toronto, Canada. I initially cautioned Dick that the A in SMART stood for “Achievable”, but he reminded me that it can also stand for “Audacious” and quickly produced a list of Chapters that are eager to form including:

  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Puerto Rico
  • Singapore
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Virtual Chapter – Emerging Professionals

The Board also recognizes that several of our Chapters are growing due to the hard work and dedication of their volunteer Chapter Board members. Here are a few examples:

  • San Diego Chapter – Kathleen Borsos-Wooley, President
  • Charlotte Chapter – Guy Wallace, President

Chapters extend ISPI’s visibility and reach; the ISPI brand gives our Chapters credibility. Help ISPI create “One Society” by joining and attending your local Chapter and by encouraging Chapter program attendees to join both the Chapter and the International Society.

Just visit our Chapter Network page on the ISPI website to locate a Chapter nearest you (either geographically or virtually). If there isn’t one, then request information about how to start a new Chapter by contacting chapters@ispi.org