Mike Monar, President, Monar Consulting
Wednesday, July 20, 2011-1:00 pm EDT (USA)
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This session is about the importance of building and nurturing relationships in addition to focusing on tasks when managing key projects.

People are our most valuable resources. They introduce important connections into our network and provide us with ideas and perspectives outside our own. Given how important others are to both our individual and organizational success, the process of building and nurturing coworker and client relationships should be given the attention it deserves. This SkillCast will help its participants understand the importance of building relationships to project management and also provide them with the necessary tools to build these relationships on an individual, team, and client level.


  • Become familiar with the value of individual, team, and client relationships
  • Understand the benefits to their organization that result from better relationship-building skills
  • Learn to both establish and foster relationships on all aforementioned levels

Audience members will learn to view teamwork and relationship building as an integral part of their organization’s success. They will become better team players and build stronger relationships after learning their value. Not only will they understand the importance of working well with their coworkers, but they will also understand the importance of the relationships that extend beyond the workplace. Each member of the team has new information to bring to the table, and the fusion of all of experiences and connections enhance an organization when openly harnessed.

This session is for you if your success depends on your ability to engage and sustain your relationship with numerous stakeholders.

About the Presenter
Mike Monar
has over 30 years experience in: organization development/redesign, change management, strategic planning, succession planning, leadership development, survey design and administration, creativity and innovation, executive coaching, facilitation, 360¡s, individual/team assessment, curriculum design, talent management, team building, management and supervisory training, and designing /developing /delivering training. Mike has extensive experience working with engineers, accountants, scientists, IT professionals, physicians and other deeply skilled, highly technical professionals. Since 1991, Mike has been the President of Monar Consulting, Inc. in Evanston, IL.