Dawn Snyder, CPT, PhD, Chair, Master’s of Science in Instructional Design and Performance Technology, Franklin University

Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 1:00 p.m. EDT (USA) Register Online

How does the challenge to traditional ISD models and our need to meet performance requirements–with fewer resources–translate into best practices for creating contemporary curricula? In this one-hour webinar, we will explore some of the critical strategies for designing and developing a successful curriculum with examples from corporate settings. Dawn Snyder has created a number of curricula for both corporations and universities, distilling principles from research, industry best practices, and trial and error. Join Dawn to rethink curriculum design and carry away some proven ideas to apply in your organization.


  • Reexamine the concept of curriculum in your setting.
  • Identify strategies that apply to your organization’s performance requirements.
  • Leave with one to three strategies to apply to your current or future efforts.

Classes in traditional curricula tend to represent topics of interest to stakeholders in the organization. However, when designed strategically, the combination of multiple classes paired with other interventions can have an amazing impact. The strategies discussed here, when used in combination with sound instructional design and performance improvement principles, will enhance the impact of curriculum efforts and enable learning and performance improvement professionals to do more with less.

This session is for you if you struggle with questions about how to link your programs to organizational needs or how to structure developmental events so they produce the desired impact.

About the Presenter

Dawn Snyder is the program chair for the Master’s Program in Instructional Design and Performance Technology at Franklin University. She also serves as the CEO and managing principal of Dawn Snyder Associates, a virtual organization specializing in designing curricula, designing learning strategies and solutions, and measuring and evaluating the impact of courses and curricula.

Throughout her career, Dawn has helped organizations achieve business results by using the best of research-based and experienced-proven performance improvement methods such as aligning people and processes, defining business-critical performance and measuring performance gaps, increasing workers’ competencies, and measuring the impact of programs.

She has more than 30 years’ experience consulting and leading dynamic teams in working with premium institutions in the high tech, retail, financial, and insurance industries. Clients include Agilent, Amdahl, Ashland Chemical, Apple Computer Inc., JP Morgan Chase, Eli Lilly, Hewlett-Packard Company, H.D. Vest, Huntington National Bank, ITT Educational Services Inc., Lifeline of Ohio, Nationwide Financial Sales and Service, Sun Microsystems Inc., Tandem Computers, The Training Alliance, and VERITAS Software.

Dawn holds an MS and PhD in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, and a BA in English Language and Literature from Butler University. She has been designated a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) by the International Society for Performance Improvement in 2001.

Dawn is an active member of the International Society for Performance Improvement, where she has served in a variety of leadership and committee member roles at both the local and international level. Most recently, she was appointed the Founding Director for the Analysis, Evaluation and Measurement Community of Practice and now serves on the CPT Governance Committee.