Jim Morrison, CPT, was asked to assist with selecting speakers for the National Cyber Terrorism Conference to be held May 3-5 in San Diego. The conference is being held at the unclassified level with the goal that participants will continue to collaborate in their classified environments. Link to the conference: http://foundryusa.ettend.com

The upcoming conference will address the threat of state and non-state actors using the Internet to conduct cyberterrorism attacks or to inspire physical attacks on the United States. Jim and the team have arranged for some accomplished, dynamic speakers from the military, government, and commerce to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the topic. Confirmed speakers to date are:

  • The Honorable Charles Allen, the Chertoff Group, will give the opening address.
  • Judge Shannen Rossmiller (ret.) and Tom Colbert (AC-DIO), keynote speakers for Tuesday, May 3, speaking on their Internet intelligence activities, “Casting a Web for Terrorists.”
  • Jessica Herrera-Flanigan (Monument Policy Group) speaking on “Protecting Critical Infrastructures–Embrace a Cyber Ecosystem or Prepare for Cyber Attack?”
  • Stephen Wright (NCS Group) will speak on “Cyber War and Cyberterrorism: The New Normalcy.”
  • Dr. Doug DePeppe (i2IS Cyberspace Solutions)  speaking about “Revisiting the Maginot Line in Cyberspace.”
  • Aaron Cohen (MAD Security / The Hacker Academy) will address “Social Penetration–Exploiting Users in the Web 2.0 World.”
  • Rich Trzupek (FrontPageMagazine.com) will talk on “Stuxnet Use by Terrorist Organizations.”
  • Dr. Jarret Brachman (NDSU), keynote speaker for Wednesday, May 4, speaking on “Internet Radicalization.”
  • Stewart Bertram (Verisign Idefense, UK) will talk on “Hactivism–Showing the Emerging Features of Cyberterrorism” and “The 2012 London Olympic Games–A Cyber Perspective.”
  • Jeff Bardin (Treadstone 71) will talk on “Cyber Jihadis–Who Is Winning?” and “The Reality of Jihadist Asymmetric Attacks.”
  • Bob Hutchinson (Sandia Labs), keynote speaker on Thursday, May 5, will address “The Cyberterrorist Threat to U.S. Infrastructure.”
  • Captain John Felker (USCG Cyber Command) is assembling a panel of military cyber experts to address the recent stand-up of the military’s cyber commands.
  • Aaron Zelin (Brandeis University) will talk on jihadist media videos and statements, “What Are Their Capabilities?”
  • Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (Foundation for Defense of Democracies) will speak on “Homegrown Terrorists in the U.K. and U.S.”

The conference is being held at the Kona Kai Hotel and Resort in San Diego. Online registration is now available at http://foundryusa.ettend.com/ for participants.

Jim retired from the U.S. Coast Guard at the rank of commander after 31 years of service and was involved in two HPT initiatives that introduced him to ISPI. The first was the USCG Buoy Tender System Study; the other was the performance-based acquisition of a new heavy icebreaker for the U.S. Great Lakes.

Since retirement he has been involved in USCG training programs, development of a port security training plan for developing nations, and exercise evaluation for homeland security maritime exercises. He recently served as an analyst for Proofpoint System’s award-winning global manpower/workload study for the Defense Security Assistance Agency (DSCA) where he had the opportunity to work closely with Drs. Jim Hill, Roger Addison, and Dean Spitzer.

Jim is now working with a Fluor team, helping to tailor efficiency and safety tools developed by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) for a group of Luminant Power fossil fuel power plants in central Texas. To learn more about Jim’s work, you may contact him at jmorrison1146@gmail.com.